Essays on Making the Best Use of Soft Skills to Succeed in Information Systems Project Management Research Proposal

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The paper "Making the Best Use of Soft Skills to Succeed in Information Systems Project Management" is a great example of a management research proposal.   The adoption of soft skills in information systems project management can create a dynamic shift in the manner in which the projects are managed. This paper highlights some of the most important soft skills that project managers apply in order to be successful in project management. The application of soft skills in information systems project management is also dealt with in-depth in order to provide information that is applicable to all types of firms across the board. Key Words Soft skills, project management, information systems project management, managers. Overview Introduction Information systems management revolves around the study of how people, technology and select organizations coexist.

Most firms dealing with projects related to information systems management are in today’ s world bound to be situated in a competitive environment that requires that the best skills employed in order to keep these companies afloat. Recent developments in workplaces have seen those in charge of project management focusing on the use of soft skills to bring out the best from the members of the teams they are working with and to make the organizations within which they are working to get successful on the overall. This introduction paves way for the presentation of a number of research questions aimed at guiding the discussion of project management “ soft skills” in relation to information systems project management.

The various skills are highlighted and their relevance to project management are discussed. Ultimately, there are conclusions made regarding the discussion and suggestions are offered in case there is a need for further research.

The information presented in this research is applicable for any type of firm dealing with information systems project management, regardless of the size. Research Questions These research questions will govern the scope of this discussion: What does information systems project management entail? What are soft skills and how have they proven important in the sector of project management? Why do information systems project managers need soft skills?


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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