Essays on Ambulatory Revenue Management Software Assignment

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The paper "Ambulatory Revenue Management Software" is a wonderful example of an assignment on information technology. I Doctor Office Management, Inc. - PhysicianXpress 0 The program says it offers complete EHR and includes the following benefits for ambulatory criteria: 1) Electronic copy of health information, 2) electronic prescribing of medications, 3) online access for patients to receive medical information, 4) patient allergy list and 5) public health and immunization history. For security purposes, an audit trail, access control, and automatic logoff are included to stop unauthorized users. If the program is “ complete” as it says it is, no other additional resources would be needed.

The informatics professional would have to evaluate it to see. II 3M™ Ambulatory Revenue Management Software 5 3M is a trusted manufacturer who has been in the healthcare business for many years and its management software offers the following. As with Xpress above, all of the listed benefits are likewise included. In addition, the authentication comes with encryption algorithms for added security during transmission by electronic means. In addition, the 3M software offers demographics data (Race, gender, etc) in accordance with Federal and state requests.

The software requires FileZilla Client,; open-source software used for more secure FTP downloads. III Imagine MD 4.148 Imagine software is a modular EHR that is relatively new (5/31/12). It likewise incorporates all of the criteria listed in the first EHR (including demographics) and Imagines are not unique in its features so the cost would have to be a considering factor when judging the three since the FileZilla required by 3M is open source and does not require any additional price. Like Xpress, it requires no additional resources to operate.

IV Using the CHPL for EHR purchases Using the Certified HIT Product List (CHPL) when considering the purchase of Electronic Health Record (EHR) software, the informatics professional can make an informed decision on which one to buy. The CHPL offers a comprehensive list of those providers who have received the certification required by the Federal Government. Simply put, if the software vendor does not have its required certification, it would be impossible to use that company’ s software in the health care provider’ s quest for participation in CMS Incentive Program In addition, the Government has simplified the informatics professional’ s decision-making process.

If an EHR is sufficient to provide complete (100%) of the standards and is placed into the “ shopping cart” a button appears on the screen. By clicking that button, the informatics professional will obtain a “ CMS EHR Certification Identification Number” , which will help identify the health care provider for its participation in CMS (Health IT). The description of each of the three described HER lists the additional resources required for the efficient operation of each.

Of course, in order for the informatics professional to be properly informed, s/he should accomplish sufficient research on more than one choice. As the Government asks for three bids, the informatics professional should elicit information on at least that many EHR vendors. The company’ s website will, of course, laud its own product, lauding its software over all the others. After investigating CHPL, it is probable that one would learn nothing new from the vendor site. That said, there are at least two websites where the authors claim to be independent of vendor influence and offer critiques of the EHR vendors.

The first is the EMR Vendor Selection Guide. The one useful thing is that this site will allow the reader to choose how many physicians are at a particular provider and help the informatics professional make a sound decision based upon that criteria. The other is The Electronic Health Records Software Systems. However, the difference with this company is they are a paid consulting firm, which may or maybe a good idea. The good thing about paid firms is they are mostly impartial.

On the other hand, if they have the time the purchaser can use the Internet to do their own research for free.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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