Essays on Information Technology and Management Analysis Case Study

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The paper "Information Technology and Management Analysis" is a good example of a Business case study. According to CSU policies, Cal Poly must make sure that its information resources during the cataclysmic occasions system can still operate and can be accessed by its users. Cal Poly developed, documented, tested, and maintained a business continuity plan.   The plan is fundamental to the running of the system since it ensures that continuance of pertinent campus systems, functions as well as services in case there is a disruption occurs on the campus operations after an emergency or disaster condition The institution’ s business permanence program  incorporates these standards as well as activities: A regular model has been utilized in developing a dependable University’ s Business Continuity Plan.

The outline has been used in documenting pertinent details, for instance, critical functions, staff contact information, assets, vital records, and critical function recovery procedure) within each department on the campus so that the campus can be able to recover from any disruption that is likely to occur. crisis actions of different units, together with requests for services and resources as well as documentation if financial impact is harmonized in at Emergency Operations Center as well as in agreement with Calpoy’ s   Emergency Management Plan. Department of Emergency Programme, Departmental Business Continuity Plan as well as Campus Emergency Management Programme are related and they provide for preparation, response as well as recovery to an emergency. Calpoy’ s Business Continuity Plan has hush-hush info which ought to be private and confidential since when the information is shared with the public the organization can experience several setbacks in their security structure which eventually will affect the credibility of information or data in Cal Poly.

Each department has the task of ensuring that its information is held, developed as well as reviewed by authorized persons only.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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