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Essays on Information Technology SecurityContingency And Business Continuity Planning Are Very Important Essay

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Information Technology SecurityIntroductionInformation technology security is an essential human insight which is a bit challenging to define and enforce in the Information age. Business Continuity Planning (BCP) works to identify the organization’s exposure to the both internal and external threats and synthesize hard soft assets for the prevention and recovery of the information. Information technology security is a controlling access to sensitive electronic information to ensure that only those with legitimate needs of accessing it are allowed to do so. In the large organizations, information technology is looked at in terms of laptop and desktop computers, routers, switchers and servers which form a computer network.

Illegal access to documents or phone conversations is still considered as informational security concern although much of the concern is protection of the computer networks. Contingency of information technology and Business Continuity Planning are some of the most essential aspects of for disaster recovery as well as computer security (Kvavik, p. 84). The essay below considers the key events that might lead to an IT related disaster and provides suggestions on ways through which effects of the disasters might be curtailed.

Information Technology SecurityWhile the expansion of the market for the technological products and services is considered to be spectacular both at the individual and organizational levels, the knowledge of the ICT issues of security is still lagging behind. This because the individuals may not be aware of the risks associated with serving the internet in the computer sets at home. The aim of the security of the information through the computer is to protect the information or property described by it from theft, natural disaster or corruption.

Realization of these risks may also cause the small organizations which are still growing from securing their systems. This is because of the concern to promote information security thus not many people are free to see or access the information (Kouns & Minoli, p. 267-273). The ICT environment is a changing rapidly after the introduction of the new products especially the mobile accessories like cellular phones, laptops and personal Digital Assistants for example that result to various challenges to either the infrastructures or the security of the data.

The up-and-coming applications of the computing like e-finance and e-commerce may also end up in the creation of complex environment (Scholl pg f-1). The excess dependant on the digital and computer information systems is very common in the daily activities hence resulting to heavy losses and cessation of economic activities. The Windows operating system assumed to be the most affected since 99% of the malware is either direct or indirect affected. The programs get to the computers by a Trojan which are dangerous as they access and forward all the stored data without the knowledge of the original user.

Thus there is need for the processors to be prepared to handle any kind of disaster hence minimize the effects they are likely to cause. Main threats of data disasterImproper use of information systems by the employees and other members of the organizationsViruses, worms and Trojan horsesLoss of privacySpam or mass advertisements through the e-mailTheft of the informationImproper use of information systems by the third partiesPoor quality of softwarePhysical security

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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