Essays on Initiating monthly lunch meetings to improve organizational communication Essay

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Lunch Lowdown” Idea for Employees My respected audience knows that the best thing that an organization can give to its employees in order to keep their morale high is an effective communication platform through which they can interact with their higher officials, their peers, and their subordinates. This adds to job satisfaction, which in turn enables the workers to contribute in high productivity and good outcomes. I present, in my speech, a novel idea through which managers and employees will come down at an equal level, on a collaborative platform, to share ideas and discuss problems.

I suggest that management should arrange monthly lunch meetings for managers and employees. These will be fun filled meetings, called “lunch lowdown”, in which lunch will be provided to all those who will be there. First of all, problems will be identified in office time; and then at lunch meetings, solutions will be sorted out. But first, it is important for my audience to get familiar with the importance of communication. We know that, since conflicts arise in the workplaces every now and then, it is important for the parties involved to communicate with one another so that they can negotiate their objectives, and better understand one another’s viewpoints without being irrational or biased.

Conflict is a situation in which two or more people realize that they have incompatible objectives due to which they think that they are unable to go along with one another (Himes, 2008). Humans experience conflict everyday in their personal lives and in the organizational culture. My perspective is that communication is the best way to resolve a conflict (Cahn & Abigail, 2007) at all levels: personal, cultural, political, organizational or international.

Proper communication is necessary to resolve conflicts that may happen among employees when job satisfaction decreases. When there is no communication between the supervisor and the subordinate, the former becomes oblivious to the latter’s needs and demands, thus putting the latter under job stress which increases his dissatisfaction. This has bad effects on the organization in the long run. The manager has to remain informed about his employees, and the only way he can do it is through communicating with them about what they want to get, and what they need to do to achieve organizational goals.

Workers need to communicate among themselves so that they can share views and ideas, and stay stress free. This internal communication adds to the organization’s integrity and rapport, which pays off in the long run in the form of employee and customer satisfaction (Bacal, 1998, p. 15). It is impossible to hold good working relationships at the workplace without a proper communication platform shared by all employees and the management.

Hence, it is obligatory for the management to solve problems like power struggle, gender discrimination and other employees’ issues through effective communication, and the best way to achieve this is through my idea of lunch lowdown. In short, I want to bring management and employees on a fun filled platform where they find it easy to talk out their problems, and make decisions in a stress-free environment. Communication is known as the key to organizational success. It deletes conflicts and increases job satisfaction. This eventually leads to employee retention. Communicating in lunch time will provide a stress-free environment to solve all problems.

This will make one employee’s troubleshooting everyone’s cup of tea! References Bacal, R. Cooperative vs. conflict-provoking communication. Conflict Prevention in the Workplace: Using Cooperative Communication. USA: Bacal & Associates. Cahn, D., & Abigail, R. (2007) Managing Conflict through Communication (3rd ed. ). Boston: Allyn and Bacon. Himes, J.S. (2008). Conflict and Conflict Management. USA: University of Georgia Press.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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