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The paper “ The Benefits and Adoption of a New Mobile App“ is an inspiring variant on research paper on marketing. The meaning of Mobile Applications (apps) refers to software programs made for hand-held devices for instance tablet computers, mobile phones, gaming consoles or Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) (Mors 2014). According to Klemens (2010), the history of apps goes back to the times when mobile phones were mainly for calling and texting. There were later basic applications installed within the phone for instance calendars, arcade games, calculators and ring-tone editors.

The big number of applications used in smartphones has made the field of communication and business easier because this can create a stable platform between the provider of the service and the customer in order to be in touch with each other all times and in all locations. Mobile application and content evolved rapidly in the twenty-first century when the smartphone emerged. These used operating systems, and adoption of such systems implied that third party software could now be put into a phone unlike in the past when conventional programming had to be done on all mobile phone applications.

These applications managed to merge into all fields of life and to be used in all markets with various applications that make the life of business more easy and attractive. In Saudi Arabia, the number of mobile searches is greater than that for laptops and desktops, as 45% are attributed to smart-phones against 42% for laptops and desktops (CITC 2013). According to Goggin (2012), such trends are usually because mobiles enable discovery, self-expression, preparing for future activities, socializing and delivery of real-time news.

Most importantly, they enable the seeking of products and services on the go. Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest countries in the Middle East to use a smartphone and its applications, especially in the private sector. But there many other innovative and creative methods of using these smart apps considering the fact that apps are considered a desirable trend in service delivery, and the private sector often leads to such innovations. The amount of time and effort saved from using these applications in the private sector can be the key for their attention to this kind of apps.


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