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The paper "Types of Smart Car Innovations" is a good example of business coursework.   The selected type of innovation is the smart car modernization. It is a form of technology innovation that evolved from the emergence of knowledge in the automotive manufacturing industry. The technological innovation involves the application of knowledge and experience from research to come up with an improved product or service (Diaconu 2011, p. 131). The smart car novelty evolved after the Smartphone to give customers a different experience. Smart car improvement enables the driver to connect to the entire car system, access maps, weather, GPS, streaming music, and many other applications.

Many of the car manufacturers are using the smart car innovation to bring a different experience and taste of driving for vehicle owners and drivers (Tomar 2014, p. 1). The smart car innovation unveils new digital services as well as self-directed driving features. The car is connected and designed to access directly the internet, enable automated links to other objects that are linked such as traffic lights, other motor vehicles, tracking devices, and Smartphones. Companies like Volkswagen and Daimler have used and still using smart car innovation in making new and improved cars in the automobile industry.

According to the Price Water House Coopers (2015, p. 4), these two companies were the leaders in the smart car innovation in the use of information and entertainment systems as well as the inclusion of safety assistance technology in their new vehicles. These changes helped the companies achieve increased sales as a result of the connected car technologies and hope a similar increasing trend will triple up to the year 2021. Types of Smart Car Innovations Many smart car innovations are available in the market, and automobile industries use them in attracting more customers for their business.

They also intend to give car owners affordable, cost-efficient and easily manageable cars for the 21st century. The following smart car innovations are in use in the automobile industry. The Android Auto is a telematics software launched by Google in the year 2014 for connecting to the car dashboard for the purpose of providing infotainment. The smart car app has the capacity of helping the driver to access maps, weather, streaming music as well as GPS among other applications (Tomar 2014, p. 1).

Carmakers such as Jeep, Volvo, and Chevrolet among others are using the Android Auto in their cars. The CarPlay Sofware is another type of smart car innovation used by automobile companies today when making new cars. This software enables devices that run on the iOS operating system to work with display units of car dashboards that are built-in. Vehicle manufacturers like Honda, Daimler, BMW and Hyundai have CarPlay installed in their automobiles. V2V Communications (Appendix 1) is a proposed smart car innovation that will enable light vehicles to use a vehicle to vehicle communication technology.

Cars can talk to each other and avoid any accidents or crashes (Gorges 2015, p. 1). It is attainable by enabling the cars to exchange necessary safety data ten times per second for improving safety. Vehicles will be able to share data like speed and position. It is an innovation that uses ‘ ad hoc network’ that enables free association of cars available in the network as well as sharing of equal status.


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