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Essays on Differences between Change Leader and Change Agent, the External Environment Factors That Are Related to Major Operational Change Assignment

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The paper “ Differences between Change Leader and Change Agent, the External Environment Factors That Are Related to Major Operational Change ” is a convincing variant of assignment on management. Change is rife in learning institutions, particularly for international students. These students face challenges in their new learning institutions dealing with people, processes and cultural changes. In strategic planning, the organization must implement change management strategies to address changes faced by the students. Diversity management, universal policies, regulations, and a universal learning environment should be implemented. The college should encourage a collaborative social and learning environment where the diverse needs of the diverse students should be met.

The college should implement policies and regulations that align with different cultures. These policies and rules should be integrated with the cultural diversity in the college. The learning and social environment should accommodate all the different cultures in the organization. Explain what is meant by the change agentA change agent is an individual outside and inside an organization who assists a firm in changing itself by centering on matters as organizational development, improvement, and effectiveness. Monge, Hartwich, Malgin define a change agent as an individual who influences a client’ s innovation-decision in a direction viewed as desirable by a change agency (13).

In this view, change agents are external factors of an organizational origin. A change agent does not have to be an individual in power, but they are people who have to hold an apparent vision and be in a position to communicate clearly with others. A change agent is anybody who holds the power and skill to facilitate, stimulate and manage the change effort. The success of any organizational change effort relies heavily upon and the quality of the change agent. Identify the external environment factors that are related to major operational change? Resources: Organisation relies upon the accessibility of external resources for its products and operations such as financeTechnology: This entails the technology and science needed for the technical tools needed to run the organization.

In college, these technical tools include the internet and other communication technologies. Laws and Regulations: All organizations including learning institutions must abide by the regulations, new laws, and legal systems constantly added because of social or political changes.

Legal compliance can instigate additional costs, legal fees and taxes. The cultural diversity that includes diverse staff and students Write 5 differences between Change Leader and Change Agent? A change leader is an individual with creative solutions to an organization’ s most pressing organizational problems. Change agents, on the other hand, are catalysts for change A change leader is a person in authority while a change agent does not necessarily include a person in authority. Change leaders want, believe, and try to obtain resources and commitment to change, but they lack sponsorship to propel the change.

On the other hand, change agents trigger, drive and implement change. Change leaders help firms to tackle positively the human side of change while change agents established the basis of change. Change leaders provide the agents of change with explicit tasks in the shape of special assignments. Different persons can take the role of change agents at diverse times in the course of change process but change leaders' roles do not change. The change leaders play a crucial role in assisting the change agents in the change process.

A change leader can be from within the organization while the change agent can be from within or outside the organization. Why do employees resist change? Identify two ways of how managers create resistance during implementation.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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