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The paper "Innovation and Creativity and Enterprise" is a perfect example of a business research paper. Entrepreneurship is just not initiating a new venture but is creating value by pulling resources together; it is the risk of undertaking a production process by hiring labour, investing and seeking capital and allocating resources optimally. Innovation is the source of the competitive advantages of an enterprise. In order to sustain innovation, an enterprise must prioritize creativity as it is an integral part of innovation. An enterprise must continuously develop new and innovative products to capture the attention of its customer through creativity (Skogen and Sjovoll, 2010). In this paper, the application of innovation, creativity and enterprise in Zain Telecom, a mobile telecommunication company operating in the Gulf region will be analyzed.

Zain Telecom was established in 1983 in Kuwait. It operates in 8 countries in the Middle East and North America(MENA) (Zain, 2015a). The company is the leading telecommunications provider in this region. It has always shown its inclination towards technological progress. For example, Zain Telecom selected WeDo Technologies which provides revenue solution software that identifies risks, regulate controls and performs various other tasks for its operations in Kuwait, Jordan, and Iraq in 2013 (Zain, 2015e).

It also went into a partnership with Ericsson to present convergent CBIO (Charging and Billing in One) in its operations. This research paper will constitute a literature review followed by the research approach including the research question and objective, research methodology, method of data collection and analysis and finally stating the findings from the analysis. 2. Literature Review According to Drucker (1985 cited in Drucker, 2014), innovation is the path through which resources are endowed with new capability to create wealth.

He also refers to sources of innovation as ‘ windows of opportunities’ (Drucker, 2014). An innovation process is the outcome of the interaction between the generation of an idea and the recognition of the opportunity to implement the idea in the operations of a firm.



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