Essays on Main Innovations Lego Company Introduced which Made It the Pioneering Company Case Study

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The paper "Main Innovations Lego Company Introduced which Made It the Pioneering Company" is an amazing example of a Business case study. Lego Company made several innovations in its development as a leading producer in the construction of children’ s creative products. It also created attention to not only children but also a good population of adult users.   However, major innovations that made a turning point in the company’ s achievements were experienced after the production of plastic toys. These included cars, trucks, and also trains which could be easily dismantled and re-assembled using interlocking parts (Mohapatra, 2013).

The parts of their designs were prepared from cellulose acetate but maintaining its early methods of designs by the use of holes and studs. The stiff competition and customer desires pushed for better innovations and growth of Lego Group. They further improved the building system which used the interlocking bricks instead of using fasteners such as studs and holes. The company had a unique tradition of interacting with its customers to identify their expectations and improvements they anticipated. This aided in architectural innovation of different designs to be generated, therefore attracting more customers.

It reached a time when the company completely stopped producing wooden toys and majorly concentrated on making plastic interlocking bricks and other products (Mohapatra, 2013). In the year 1968, the company developed a theme park that displayed small towns with different kinds of features made from Lego bricks. The site attracted more than 600,000 visitors in the first year of use. This provided a clear direction of growth for its architectural innovation in order to provide better expansion routes for the company. The company further developed a ‘ Duplo bricks’ which are large simple bricks for younger children and complex and sophisticated gear with axles, joints, and other detailed features for older Lego products customers.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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