Essays on E-Business and E-Commerce Management Assignment

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The paper "E-Business and E-Commerce Management" is a wonderful example of an assignment on e-commerce. Innovation at GoogleAdvertisers are the primary source of revenue for Google. Google generates 99% of its revenue from its advertisers and through enterprise products such as Google Mini and Google Appliance. Google generates proceeds from its advertisers by charging them on a “ pay-per-click” basis. Ads are displayed within the search engine and other Google services such as Gmail. Every time these ads are clicked, Google charges the advertisers. Google also has built a network wherein the ads are displayed on the websites of the network members and Google shares the revenue with the members.

It is important to note here that the advertisements don’ t dilute the search results. Google has ensured to keep its search engine clean and promises to not to influence search based on payments. There are various risk factors that Google itself has identified as a threat to future revenue generation. Index spammers have been consistently trying to find loopholes in Google’ s search algorithm which would compromise the integrity of search results which would then affect the traffic to the websites which, in turn, affects revenue generation.

New ad-blocking technologies can affect Google’ s results in the future. Print, TV, audios and video ads comprise the future levels of revenue generation for Google. Google has introduced classified style ads for the various media listed above. The new streams of revenue generation counter the risks posed for the current revenue generation model adopted by Google. Most risks are focused on blocking the ads and these new streams give Google more control. Adblocking would be very difficult in these streams.

Print and television ads are aimed at placing ads in print media and television commercials while video ads generate revenue when one watches a video Google service such as Youtube. New Architecture or New HypeThe reliance on a single provider will be greatly reduced by the introduction of SOA. The basic concept behind SOA is to automate the entire business process that is right now run across different IT systems (Dave, 2008). As of now, each company sets up its own IT function which is completely different from other companies.

This is because of the different technological needs of different countries. The introduction of SOA will be able to infuse flexibility into the whole process by automating many business processes and giving them an opportunity to tie them together. This would make the work on projects that span across different systems and companies a lot easier and also affordable. The functionality will also enable new applications to automatically communicate with each other irrespective of which business aspect or system they deal with. This would lead to more effective use of resources and time.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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