Essays on Drone Technology Idea of Advanced Integrated Logistics Solutions Case Study

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The paper "Drone Technology Idea of Advanced Integrated Logistics Solutions" is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   The report has effectively broken down the drone technology idea of Advanced Integrated Logistics Solutions and has explored s successful commercialization route for Advanced Integrated Logistics Solutions Company. Additionally, I believe, in particular, the report has shown that the company has devoted to establishing the answers of which elements in UAE allow for commercializing of sensing and mapping technology. In other words, the problem and the opportunity are clearly communicated, as is the need for a better solution compared to competing products and services. The market analysis of the company has been presented well.

It starts by acknowledging that, the primary purpose is to enable Advanced Integrated Logistics Solutions to understand the market dynamism by collecting data on future customers and current customers. By so doing, the gathered information will be essential in making business decisions. Owing to the fact that drone technology has a number of multiple appliances, the market analysis goes ahead to explain clearly that it will be essential in helping Advanced Integrated Logistics Solutions favorable markets for drones taking into account the current conditions of the company such as competence alliance, geographic location as well as the company relationships.

In this case, the screening and analysis of the company’ s external marketing environment and its influence on the selling and buying behaviors of consumers are closely followed. In other words, in order to conduct a market analysis of Advanced Integrated Logistics Solutions, there are some factors that need to be taken into consideration. Some of these factors include; the market size, market growth rate, market trends, profitability of the market, key success factors, distribution channels, and the industry cost structure. The market implementation strategy presented seems clear and has obvious benefits over competing options.

The ideas flow very well and clearly shows the steps that will be taken in order to strengthen the customer relationship. Additionally, the market strategy formulation goes ahead to explain that there is an immersing gap between practice and research in terms of logistics is concerned. Additionally, the report points out clearly that those academically qualified individuals in the UAE are bringing much hope in most UAE industries by assuming that they can transfer their academic knowledge into spin-off industries.

However, it is believed that is not practically the case since academic knowledge is not transferred so much into these industries but is co-produced in a face-to-face interactive process. Owing to these, I have the confidence that, the report has summarized the argument well by explaining that, Advanced Integrated Logistics Solutions is located in DUBAI which is the hub of research Centre in UAE hence proving to evolve with the trend of helping the practical industry and academia to work together to improve logistics in UAE I think there are an attractive market and a sufficient profit opportunity owing to the fact that segmentation of the market will enable Advanced Integrated Logistics Solutions to choose the target market.

Additionally, the market opportunity is well analyzed taking into consideration both the positive and challenging factors. For instance, the report argues that one challenging issue is that, all companies in UAE market cannot in one way or the other be connected to all customers; therefore, it is of utmost importance that, Advanced Integrated Logistics Solutions focus on consumers within their capacity hence prompting the need of segmenting the consumers according to their demands and needs.

Additionally, Advanced Integrated Logistics Solutions has ensured that they locate customers within their target segment by visiting the sites where potential customers hang out most both offline and online. I think the ideas presented in the report states clearly that, by so doing, the company thinks strategically about the activities their customers are likely to be more interested in and partaking in, communities and groups they are engaged in and social networks they are more likely to actively participate on.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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