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Innovation, Creation, and Design In order for businesses to thrive in today’s global market, innovation, creation, and design are vital for the ongoing success of organizations. All of these topics differ from each other, although they are interconnected in some places. As all business are looking to make as much profit as possible, they are always coming up with new plans to best carry this out. Innovation, creation, and design help to differentiate a business organization from its competitors. Innovation is the extension of a current good or service that already has a hold in the market.

It is not so much as reinventing the wheel, but rather refining the wheel to make it more productive. Innovative companies are successful because they take a product that may already be doing well, except they take that product a step further to give it added value. A good example of a company that is innovative is Apple Inc. This company realized that there was already a market for cell phones. They understood that the world was becoming more mobile and, as such, a device was needed to fulfill this consumer need.

Instead of inventing a totally brand new product, Apple came up with the iPhone, which is a combination of a phone and a small computer. This product was innovative because it built upon an already existing product and made it popular within the market. Companies that are innovative are able to gain a competitive advantage in the market because they can establish themselves as the market leader. Inevitably, other competitors catch up once they realize how successful a product can be.

This requires the market leader to continue to innovate in order to keep itself ahead of the field. Creativity involves some sort of genius thinking by the manager or CEO of a company. The most well-known example of someone who was creative is Mark Zuckerberg. When he created Facebook, the concept of social networking had yet to take off. Although Facebook began very slowly, it has now progressed to the point where it has become one of the most valuable companies in the world. Part of being creative is to see a need where it does not exist.

Quite often, creative products generally form out of luck rather than strategic planning. Some people are able to create products that always perform well, while others do not have the same capacity to create new products. Design takes onboard a great deal of information before a decision is made about the production of a new product. This is similar to innovation in that it is improving an already existing product to the point where it is unique in the marketplace. Research and development is an important part of design because a product needs to be tested and then retested so that it is produced correctly.

Innovation, creativity, and design are becoming an important part of any modern day company. In a world full of many companies and products, these three concepts will help to establish an organization in the marketplace.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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