Essays on Exploration of Sources of Creativity and How Invention Differs from Innovation - Apple Organization Case Study

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The paper 'Exploration of Sources of Creativity and How Invention Differs from Innovation - Apple Organization " is an outstanding example of a management case study. The invention  greatly differs from innovation. Invention occurs when the creation of a product or a new process to target the market segments. The invention has to do with unique products or processes that do not show an extraction from an already existing situation. Innovation is the attempt to carry out into practice the new invention. As such, innovation occurs when a genuine contribution towards something that has already been invented.

In relation to Apple Organization, the late Steve Jobs was an innovator (Buxton 2012). The invention started with the MP3 player hence the innovative of iPod on a similar chain. What made iPod innovative, from Apple Organization, is the elegant ergonomics, impressive design and the simplicity to use the equipment. Additionally, other inventions revolutionaries in Apple Organization include iTunes, iPhone and Apple computers (The Telegraph 2012) Sources of Organization creativity contributes to invention and innovation. The organization engaging with the most qualified employees in the technological field affects the company with knowledge as a source of creativity.

Involving more than 50,000 employees working in Apple Company, the kind of ideologies and paradigm shift expected to boost the creativity of the Organization (Fortune 2012) The Organization motivates the employees in a working conducive environment. Putting employees to focus on few things at a time, the decision-making involves all the employees and the boss and giving employees enough time for new employees to work at Apple, all this contributes towards creativity (Fortune 2012) The availability of the company enough resources contributes to creativity capacity.

As such, resources are available to conduct much research through creativity hence coming up with invention skills and to process the skills into the production of new products for society consuming (Karlyn 2013). Creativity promotes the profitability of a company. Examination of past and present Innovation across all areas of the organisation using the 4P’ s Model of Innovation Space as a framework. Apple Organization tends to effectively administer and implements the 4P’ s. Below is detailed information on how the company implements the 4P’ S. Process Innovation Apple Company process innovation occurs in some of its product.

To justify the process innovation in Apple, the company product iTunes is an App Store application whereby individuals can purchase online music. As such, the process attracts more customers hence winning the loyalty heart of customers. The system targets the teenagers and youths holding the majority of the worldwide population since it is easy to use and carry as per the aesthetic design. Contrary to the process, critiques still point out the process is not so much innovative. Fully assembled iPod shuffles require the outsourcing of other materials from different countries (Elmer 2012). Position Perspective The position of the minds of Apple company is shifting is changing from just being like similar computer manufacturing company like the competitors.

As such, the creativity of the company targets teenagers hence the ongoing promotion position innovation important. The frequently released new products tap the majority of the young adult's segment who get tired of using old gadgets. Introducing Apple iPod changed the way people used to just listen to music and make it an entertainment giant. Apple leveraged the creativity to benefit with the currently existing technology thus bringing the products closer to people that is stylish and easy to use (Wangjing 2014)


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