Essays on Analysis of Human Resource Strategy of IKEA Company-India Case Study

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The paper 'Analysis of Human Resource Strategy of IKEA Company-India" is a good example of a management case study. IKEA is a company that makes furniture brands, and the company is now distributed to more than 41 countries globally. The company has been in operation for an extended period and its main aim is to ensure that people are happy, and they are enjoying their lives (Perrot, B.E. , 2015. Pp 41-51). Human resource management has been an integral part of the running of the various branches of IKEA Company. Good management has resulted in a lot of success in this business.

The HR strategies have enabled them to win several awards in recognition of best performing NGOs (Menta et al 2015. N. p). India has set legislative laws that any organization or company settling in the area has to abide by. The laws include; Mechanism of disputes settlement The company should have a sound method of settling disputes. Disputes could arise between the customers and the workers, workers and workers or between workers and managers. The act ensures that collect mediation, reconciliation and arbitration means are applied (Paul.

S. J., 2015. Np). Collective bargaining Collective bargaining aims at settling the already developed disputes. The conflicting parties can resolve their issues directly without involving the third party. They can resolve through legal means where government policies are used. Investigation In the case of industrial dispute, the government has recommended court procedures to be followed in finding justice to the innocent parties. The act describes the court procedures to be employed. Regulation of contract labor Indian government gets into an agreement with the company intending to start operating in the country. The intention of the act is to control the companies from exploiting their citizens or dominating their markets where they will suppress the local markets.

The contract binds the companies to operate under the agreed period only (Galpin et al. ,2015. Pp 1-12). Employment injury, Health, and Maternity Benefit The policy covers those employees working with the companies. In case of injury or accident during carrying out job activities, the individual gets compensated by the company fully. Also in case one dies during job activities the family is compensated.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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