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The paper “ The Impact of Gender on Donation" is a  dramatic example of a research paper on sociology. In order to have a successful venture in charitable work, it is important that one understands the characteristics of the target market. With enough knowledge of the unique traits and needs, it is easier to manage the group and hence ascertain success. As a result, this study sought to identify the bracket of the society that could be best for a charitable institution and point out why this bracket was the best fit for that particular charitable venture.

In this case, the charitable organization was an organization that would cater to breast cancer patients. The target market was women of all age brackets but mostly of advanced age. This bracket was chosen because they are easy to meet, easily manipulated through emotional enticement, they tend to have more money and finally, they would identify with the problem of breast cancer. They would feel that this is a problem for women and they could at any point become victims. With all these, it would be easy to strategize and maximize on them. Success in any business venture is determined by a proper analysis of the market.

A well-developed market characteristic helps the marketer to develop informed decisions in his effort to strategize. This is especially true considering the fact that each market segment has its unique characteristics that offer either an opportunity or drawback to the ultimate objective of the organization. Similarly, success in any charitable venture is founded on the degree of comprehension of the target market. By understanding the unique characteristics of each demographic segment of the market, the objectives of the charity become easier to achieve.

Understanding the unique characteristics also helps a marketer group his target segment into small groups comprising of people with similar characteristics and who are easier to manage (Anderson 2008). Therefore, this study seeks to identify the key characteristics of the different segments of the market and hence develop a strategy that would be appropriate for a successful charity. Specifically, the charitable objective is to raise money for breast cancer patients within the localities of High Wycombe. Methodology & Sampling Sampling Considering the diversity in the characterization of the different demographic brackets, it was imperative that age and gender be put into consideration.

The samples used in this study involved students from various universities and colleges around High Wycombe. These represented the younger generation. Also included in the samples were people over thirty years. Within the over thirty age bracket, further subdivisions were made. The study put into consideration those working fulltime, part-time and those who had no job at all. These subdivisions were especially necessary because they helped identify whether having a job would be a contributing factor to an individual’ s willingness to contribute to charity. In addition, gender considerations were also ensured.

The samples involved both men and women for the younger and the older generations. The diversity in the sampling was meant to ensure a diversity of qualities that would be put together to come up with an appropriate strategy. In total, 150 female students and 100 male students were interviewed through direct interviews or through questionnaires. In addition, 75 females over thirty years and 35 males of a similar age bracket were used.

In total, the study included 360 respondents.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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