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The paper 'Integrated Management Project - Oman Air Company " is a good example of a management case study. The Oman government has over the years increased its investment and support of the Oman Air Company, as a State-owned and run Air Company. In this case, the government has continuously advanced and allocated public finances to venture operations. Despite the government’ s commitment and support, concerns remain on the management nature and the performance of the airline company. Thus, this makes it unable to compete competitively with peers in the industry as well as stabilize its operations.

Consequently, as a consultant in the aviation industry, this report offers a comprehensive of our analysis of the organizational problems and the recommended change processes for future improvements. However, it is imperative to note that the developed consultancy advice is based on the accuracy of the obtained information, a majority of which was presented by the organizational executive management and the records keeping department. For this reason, any cases of misrepresentation and poor strategic recommendations based on faulty and inaccurate information presentation, the consultancy firm bears no legal responsibility and liability. 2.0 Problem Identification The first approach, in developing the required improvement and change recommendations, is a critical evaluation of the organization.

In this regard, the consultancy firm developed a SWOT analysis for the organization. SWOT analysis as Pahl and Richter (2007, p. 25) stated, develops a critical evaluation of organizational internal systems and practices. In this regard, of key interest to the consultancy was an evaluation of the organizational weaknesses and threats at this stage of the problem evaluation as they formed both the internal and external problem challenges.

In this regard, the consultancy identified the key problem as consecutive organizational losses, increasing government reliance, and lack of a market competitive edge. 2.1 Organisational Losses A key organizational challenge for Oman Air as developed as listed by the organizational past performances is a continuous trend of making organizational market losses (Sambidge, 2014). In this case, the venture has since the year 2005 experienced a series of losses in the market a value estimated at an average $ 766.9 million (“ CAPA” , 2015).


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