Essays on Integrated Marketing Campaign: Conservative Volunteer Australia Case Study

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The paper "Integrated Marketing Campaign: Conservative Volunteer Australia" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. Alternative tourism has seen considerable growth has indicated by the statistics available from numerous organizations that operate in this field (Grimm and Needham, 2012). An example of alternative tourism is volunteer tourism. Wearing (2001) definition of volunteer tourism brings into consideration those tourists who come together based on an underlying aim to volunteer in an organised manner to undertake holidays that might involve restoration of ecosystem, alleviating a societal problem and/or researching into specific aspects of the environment on society (McIntosh and Zahra, 2007).

Volunteer tourism is usually managed by organizations located at the places where the solution is aimed to be provided. An example of such an organization is the Conversation Volunteer Australia (CVA). CVA is an organization that was established in Victoria in 1982. The mission and vision of this organization based on their website are, “ We believe in a healthy and sustainable environment, and for everyone to be involved in managing and protecting that environment” (Conservation Volunteers, 2013).

Some activities offered by this CVA include wild futures, environmental recovery, and action for climate change. Therefore, the aim of this IMC plan is to promote the organization through the utilization of an effective and technology-based approach towards achieving the organizational requirements. Targeted Market Segments Target market can be defined as a group of customers that an organization has decided to market its products and services with the aim of influencing their decision towards purchasing the service or product (McIntosh and Zahra, 2007). A clearly defined targeted market is an important step and element for an effective marketing strategy (Coghlan, 2008).

Some components within the marketing mix include a promotion, product, price, and place that contribute towards the success of a product or service within a marketplace (Grimm and Needham, 2012). The targeted segment markets for this marketing are those individuals who appreciate environmental sustainability and animal conservancy. Communication Objectives The communication objectives of the Conservation Volunteers are identified as follows: Development of brand awareness Influencing consumer interest and attitudes Development of services and products offered Marketing Australia as a Conservancy Environment Creative Strategies Development of Brand Awareness The aim of any organization is to increase income and sales.

This can be achieved by attracting new consumers towards the products and services of an organization to purchase and also to do repeated purchases. In the case of CVA, the aim is to increase the number of tourists who can participate in conservancy requirements. CVA understands the targeted market and it is easier to develop strategies that can attract and maintain this group of tourists (Wearing and McGehee, 2013).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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