Essays on Integrated Marketing Campaign for De Pappilon All-Inclusive Events Services Case Study

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The paper “ Integrated Marketing Campaign for De Pappilon All-Inclusive Events Services" is an affecting example of a case study on marketing. The brand name that will be used in the marketing campaign is De Pappilon All-Inclusive Events Services. This name not only tells the customers the kind of services that are being offered by the company, but also the uniqueness of the services. The use of the term ‘ All-Inclusive’ is the focal point of the brand name. There are countless companies in Abu Dhabi, UAE offering events services, thus using a name like De Pappilon Events Services does not create any difference for a customer who is looking for unique events’ planning services.

In deciding the kind of brand name to use in marketing the company’ s events planning services, the company wanted a name that will draw the attention of the customer easily as well as make the customer curious. De Pappilon is convinced that, when a customer sees the name, ‘ De Pappilon All-Inclusive Events Services’ , he or she will be curious to know what kind of services or products he or she will get by choosing to have his or her event planned by De Pappilon. Brand logo De Pappilon All-Inclusive Events Services The above picture represents the brand logo that will be used to carry out De Pappilon’ s integrated marketing campaign for its events’ planning services.

According to McKaskill (54), putting the correct message in the correct place is important in helping a firm to engage with its future customers. Moreover, having the correct message is central in the sales and marketing process. Through its brand logo, De Pappilon intends to ensure that it conveys the correct message to its target customers.

De Pappilon is the company’ s name, while All-Inclusive Events Services acts as the tag line for the marketing campaign and means that the company offers a wide range of products and services under its events’ planning services. The tag line ought to be more definitive to enable customers to identify the company’ s products or services with their needs (McKaskill: 59). Moreover, an entrepreneur should be willing to assume calculated risks (Cowdrey: 12). Providing all-inclusive events services is a new and risky business idea but De Pappilon is ready to try it out. The picture of a van in the logo means that De Pappilon provides transportation services; the flower represents decorations; while the folk represents catering services.

The logo could not include all the services and products being offered since it would make it crowded and unappealing. Transportation, decorations, and catering were chosen because they form the key services in any event. The phrase at the bottom of the logo echoes De Pappilon’ s mission statement of making every event exceptional to the people celebrating it.

It means that the company offers customized events’ planning services that specifically match the needs of every customer. Drawing from Volker (32), successful ventures normally aim at making products that are needed by someone instead of looking for buyers after making the products. Accordingly, De Pappilon’ s logo conveys the message that its services target customers who need unique and all-inclusive events’ services.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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