Essays on Integrated Marketing Communication Assignment

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Answer 1a The five consumer goods and services that are segmented on the basis of gender, but are sold to both genders are as follows Deodorant and perfumes/ colognes 2. Gardening supplies 3. Books 4. Automobiles/bikes 5. gadgets Answer 1b Automobiles/bikes and gadgets are important consumer goods that are segmented on the basis of gender but have increasingly been used by both the genders. They have traditionally been associated with male. The sophisticated gadgets like smartphones, SUVs and rugged cars, including high-end luxury and sports cars etc. are made specially keeping men in mind.

But in recent times, looking at the changing status of women in society and their influence in the purchase decision of goods and services, big brands like Mercedes, Porsche and even Harley Davidson has come up with models for women! The products like car, bikes have been changed to suit the needs and physical attributes of women. Gadgets like smartphones have not been changed for women and have same sophisticated features. . The marketing of women’s bikes, cars, smartphones etc. is distinct in its depiction of women who are shown as strong and empowered women who can compete with men on equal ground.

The major differences is in the way women have been recognized as individuals with their own mind and shown as intelligent individual and equal partners in all walks of life. Indeed, different marketing approach is effective as it tends to highlight their growing status in the society that reflects their individuality (Clow & Baack, 2011). Women have fast emerged as new consumers of these products which were hitherto seen only as that of men. A different marketing approach therefore evokes women’s hidden desires and influences their purchase decision. Answer 2 Making the decision to use an external advertising agency is difficult mainly as it tends to reflect management’s lack of trust in the abilities of its workers.

This could have cascading impact on the morale of the workers and produce insecurity amongst them, leading to lower performance. Senior management therefore should consider pertinent factors that could be communicated effectively across the workforce to delineate any doubts across workforce (Kotler & Keller, 2009). The major factors that management should take into considerations while using external agencies are as follows: 1.

Cost effectiveness of external advertising agency This is vital parameter for employing external advertising agency. Advertising is complex process that requires not only creative input but also knowledge about demographic segmentation that can be exploited by them within advertisements (Goldman et al. , 1996). An external agency has more resources to carry out surveys and identify changing preferences of people thus making it cost effective for firms to use external agencies. 2. Expertise External advertising agencies have talent pool with wide experience of creative advertising that can significantly contribute to develop innovative advertising concepts.

They are also better equipped to exploit demographic data for developing effective advertisements for firms. Thus specialty field of advertising becomes critical criteria for management to use external agency. 3. Core competencies of the firm This is important consideration for using external advertising agency as it facilitates firms to focus on their core competencies and work towards higher performance. In the highly competitive business dynamics, exploiting one’s core competencies helps in meeting new challenges with greater confidence and higher efficiency.

(words: 582) Reference Clow, K. E., & Baack, B. (2011). Advertising, Promotion and Marketing Communications (5th ed. ). NJ: Prentice Hall. Goldman, Robert. , & Papson, Stephen. (1996). Advertising in the Age of Accelerated Meaning. The Consumer Society Readers, 81-98. Kotler, Philips and Keller, Kevin, Lane. (2009). Marketing Management. NY: Prentice Hall.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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