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The paper "IMC Program for Nike" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   Communication is a method of sharing meaning and thoughts among individuals or organisations. In a marketing channel, communication is used to create a network, promote goods and services as well as to spread ideas. This is through using appropriate channels that are common and effective in transmitting communication. Integrated marketing communication (IMC) focuses on the customer first. This is through addressing consumers’ tastes, preferences, media usage and purchase patterns. IMC is defined as a concept of marketing planning that entails strategic roles of different communication methods with an aim of gaining clarity, consistency and more impact.

It’ s a strategy that combines different marketing communication tools such as personal selling, public relations, sales promotions, advertising and direct marketing among others. IMC can be used as a move towards an integrated approach that helps to achieve efficiency through synergy (Armstrong et al. , 2014). This paper designs an IMC program for NIKE. The paper will look at how elements of IMC can be integrated to have the greatest impact on the chosen audience. IMC situation analysis Company analysis NIKE Nike was founded in 1964 as a distributor of Tiger brand of shoes from Japanese Shoemaker Company Onitsuka Co.

the company was initially known as Blue Ribbon Sports and acquired the name Nike in 1973. The company brand is estimated to be worth an estimated $10.7 billion. The company have been able to grow through its innovative brands and marketing campaigns. The main form of the marketing mix used by the company has been the use of TV ads and posters. The company ads have a tagline, “ Just Do It” (Nike, 2015).

The company have also been using sports sponsorship and celebrities. Despite this, the increasing competition in the market requires the company to have a come up with a new IMC. A well-designed marketing communication program for Nike can help a lot in making Nike products to gain a competitive advantage in the market. A well designed IMC is a strategic tool for business (Chitty et al. , 2015). This will help to make messages by Nike more efficient and eliminate product-related risks in the minds of the consumers. Company mission Nike mission is to “ bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world” .

The company uses the name athlete to target any active individual. This is evidenced by the statement that “ if you have a body you are an athlete” (Nike, 2015). Corporate goals Nike corporate goals are based on sustainable growth targets. This is through innovative business strategies by improving the working conditions, sustainable industry and enhances community relations. The company aims to thrive through sustainability. This is aimed at giving the company higher returns. This implies that the organisation has to market its products to the target market as sustainable and environmental friendly (Nike, 2015). Product analysis Key product offerings and product lifecycle Nike has over 7,000 products for both male and women (Nike, 2015).

The products are categorised as shoes, clothing and gear. The sports category of Nike products is the most well-known worldwide. Nike products are in the maturity stage of their lifecycle. At this stage, there is a slowdown in sales and the products have already been accepted by most of the potential buyers. The company profits are in a stable state and the competition is high at this stage.

The company have been using price reductions as a means to curb competition. Despite this, the stage has some growth hence can be labelled as growth maturity. The stage holds some growth from the remnants of the last major product lifecycle; the growth stage. In this stage, Nike has tried to be more competitive through sustainable innovation. The company products are made in a sustainable manner. Nike products main appeal is their performance in sports.

The company claims to make better solutions for the athletes that have limitless future. The brand logo and theme, “ Just do it” have made it easy to identify the brand. The brand appeals to the consumer as sustainable sportswear associated with high performance. The company slogan is known worldwide (Nike, 2015).


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