Essays on Integrated Marketing Communication Plan for EnviroGuard Company Case Study

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The paper "Integrated Marketing Communication Plan for EnviroGuard Company" is a wonderful example of a case study on marketing. Integrated Marketing Communications is a way of planning systematically. This is done in order to determine the most consistent and effective message for appropriate target audiences. As observed by Percy (1997; 2008), a systematic way of doing things is barely achieved by companies. There are several segments in developing this promotional campaign. The city or town is situated in the semi-arid part of Texas. This makes it a good spot to offer recycled water used for drinking.

For several years, there is a huge clamor for potable water in this area. According to Schultz et al. (1996), mass marketing no longer works. Nowadays, it is integrated communications programs that can respond to each customer. For this product/service, minimal fees will be charged. This will be very much affordable for all segments of society. Services and/products are carried out or conducted through the centralized recycled water usage system to be put up at the heart of Grathwohl City. Currently, we get our water from the Palma creek, which passes at Lawton farm outside of the jurisdiction of the Grathwohl City.

The farm plus the wild animals render the water not fit for drinking. If we do not want to give up our town, this leaves us with the only option to recycle and clean our own wastewater. Currently, we open our tap, get the water we need and let it into the drainage. After a little cleaning, we let it back into Palma creek. We make the almost impossible for the settlements further downstream to use the water. The Government of Grathwohl City had decided to build a sewage plant.

We clean our wastewater and recycle it back into the town. This will not only give us all more water but might be a chance to grow as a town. The big advantage in Grathwohl City is that the scarcity of water was a phase since the beginning of the history of the town which means that all our industries do not consume a lot of water. Aside from the technological aspect, we face the problem that people have to accept to drink recycled water.

In the supermarket, we can all buy bottled water. However, not all people have enough income to buy bottled water from the outside. It also is the duty of the town to supply the needed water. To secure the votes of the opposition, they are offered the option to open a water station and sell water she can collect before the mixing of the recycled water. TARGET AUDIENCE Political Environment The target audience is the constituents of Grathwohl City. The promotional strategy for this should consider the target’ s media habits.

Another thing to look into is the kinds of messages that will be most persuasive for these types of people (Wells et al. , 2002). There are strategies that can be used to deliver selling messages. But this time, the target audience is specific. According to Schultz et al. (1993), selling to the mass culture through a single medium is now obsolete.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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