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The paper "Future of Integrated Marketing Communications" is an outstanding example of a literature review on marketing. Various companies have a way of doing things and sending a unique message to their customers in order to create awareness of products available and to maintain customer loyalty. Integrated marketing communications (IMC) is described as a concept used in management and is considered to make all aspects of marketing communication which include advertising; sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing collaborate as an integrated force, rather than separation each to work on its own.

Belch and Belch (2009) describes that this is said to be managing brand interactions with customers and the principle is to send a message in everything that the company does and what it does not do. Larry (2008) shows IMC is also a process that manages customer relationships that facilitates brand value through improved communication efforts. The above study evaluates IMC and identifies the factors that drive integration. It also shows what the future holds for IMC and the effectiveness of marketing communications. According to Kotler and Armstrong (2009) long ago, companies used to determine when, where and how to sell and market its products but with the improvement of technology, the driving force is the internet, credit cards, and delivery services as customers now determine and control what, where and how to buy.

These changes have significantly companies’ strategies of marketing their products and the most successful would be to use a customer-focused approach. One of these approaches is by use of integrated marketing communications as it is also a data-driven method of communicating to the customers.

Most of the companies have adopted the method such as Apple computers, Nestle, IBM, Microsoft, and many others. Integrated marketing communications (IMC) is also a concept of marketing communications planning that tends to add value to a major plan evaluating the strategic role of various communication principles. These include the use of sales promotions, public relations, and direct response. These principles are connected in order to provide clarity and consistency. For IMC to be successful, the firm should adopt the right combination of promotion tools and techniques that define the roles and should be easily coordinated to achieve desired outcomes.

Perreault and McCarthy (1997) explain that looking at this perspective, Integrated marketing communications may be described as strategic management of messages and media used by organizations in marketing their products. The major aspects are one; to make the brand be present and at customers reach and that the brand should spread the same message to customers but in a different number of channels (O'guinn 2008).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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