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The paper "An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective" is a great example of a Marketing Case Study. Kaplan Business School is one of the institutions of higher education in Australia that has the highest enrolment rate of students who comprise of both local and international students. This is attributed to institutional investment in communication which has made it more appealing to these students who opt to pursue their education program in this particular business school. The business school has taken up a strategic advertising strategy that focuses on its brand management and marketing communication.

The business school's average intake of students per year is estimated to be close to five thousand with another two thousand students comprising of part-time students. The institution's brand growth is evident by the number of international students that Kaplan Business School has attracted. In this case, the business school has taken up both virtual and real perspective in its advertising strategies. This paper, therefore, aims to review the Kaplan Business School advertising and brand management process. Industry Overview Australian growing economy offers a big boost to the country’ s high education sector with its diverse culture enabling more international students to opt for the universities located in Australia.

The other factor that has helped in attracting more international students in Australian higher education institutions is the country’ s influential global connection with other countries and increased globalization in the country. Due to the expansion of the country’ s economy, the country has bonded with Europe, Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and North and South America. Figure 1: EDUCATION AND THE ECONOMY During the year, 2001and2010s Australia higher education institutions expanded quickly. These institutions now offer undergraduate, master and Ph. D.

degrees attracting more students pursuing different academic courses and levels. With Australian Higher education sector taking up a more The student-oriented approach they have been able to attract more students in these institutions' various education programs (Kalenskaya 2015). The research within the higher education and internationally based marketing in the Australian universities have been fostering and effective therefore enabling the country universities to record one of the highest higher education enrolment figures globally. The educational marketing and strategies taken up by these universities in Australia are therefore effective enabling the country higher education institutions to be the top destinations for overseas students globally (Coman, 2003). Figure 2: OVERSEAS EDUCATION Organization Background Kaplan Business School has been a globally recognized business school known for its Provision of quality business programs.

Over the years, this institution of higher education has known for its combination of practical and theoretical experience its education program making it one of the most sought after business school education opportunities globally. The institution is spread across Australia with ten campuses located in Adelaide, eleven in Brisbane, twelve in Melbourne and thirteen in Sydney (Research 2016).

The business school is currently an industry leader in the provision of higher education programs in Australia. The company boasts of the provision of various courses and different levels of education. Kaplan Business School is estimated to help over a million students achieve their academic goals yearly. In the year 2015, an estimated three hundred graduates are claimed to embark on their career path after graduating from the institution. The company has also branches spread across thirty countries, therefore, boasting of four hundred institution branches globally.

Other than providing educational programs Kaplan Business School also offers career-related advice to its students ensuring that they identify the suitable career path that perfectly suits them. The institution also offers friendly student services and a favorable environment for its students which are attributed to the huge number of international students in this business school (Pampaloni 2010).


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