Essays on The Role of the Internet in the Current Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy: Nike, Inc Case Study

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The paper "The Role of the Internet in the Current Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy: Nike, Inc" is a great example of a marketing case study.   Today, the internet plays an integral role in the Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy. Many organisations are integrating their marketing activities into the internet (Keller, 2009). As such, this paper seeks to evaluate the role of the internet in the current Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy. The paper will start by giving a brief overview of Nike, Inc. and later on highlight its involvement in Internet marketing as a tool of IMC.

To delineate this, the paper will look at the postmodern consumer, highlighting his or her characteristics, which in turn would affect the way firms need to design and promote their brands. Additionally, the report will discuss the concept of Integrated Marketing Communications. The paper will also focus on Nike’ s use of the internet as one of the IMC important communication tools. 1.0 Introduction Apparently, company-marketing techniques are no longer a secret. People are familiar with the idea of organisations paying advertising agencies to conjure up the wittiest, most informational, most inspirational and hopefully funniest campaigns imaginable.

Today, companies often use a method such the press releases and the social media to reach out to both their existing and potential customers (Gurau, 2008). In that regard, marketing researchers have come up with a general concept referred to as Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), aimed at covering the marketing methods that a company uses. Accordingly, Integrated Marketing Communications ensures that all forms and designs of messages are linked together (Rowley, 2001). It involves integrating an organisation’ s promotional tools thus making them work together in harmony (Ebren et al. , 2012).

Moreover, when integrated, these marketing tools will speak consistently and in unison all the time, every time. 2.0 Companies Overview Incorporated in 1969, Nike is involved in the design and development of Athletic footwear, equipment, apparel and accessories. The company is also engaged in worldwide marketing and selling of products (Nike. com, 2014). The company’ s focus product offering is based on seven main categories: Basketball, Soccer, Running, Men’ s Training, Women’ s Training, Action Sports and Nike Sportswear. Apparently, the company transitioned its activity to E-Business in order to improve its services and added value to customers’ satisfaction. In order to cope up with the challenging marketing environment, Nike has been forced to integrate sixty-five percent of its marketing activities into online marketing (Smith, 2002).

Ideally, customers are becoming sophisticated and as such, abhor traditional methods of communication, where the information transfer was one way. Accordingly, Nike has been forced to develop new ways of communicating with the burgeoning market. The company has been forced to integrate its promotional tools into integrated marketing communication. Shyan Fam (2000) argues that any Integrated Marketing Communication approach in the marketing environment should be a continuous process as the customers want to establish a relationship with the firm.

Moreover, Shyan points out that marketing has changed from targeting the mass market to targeting a specific segment. Equally, Nike’ s IMC approach is based on segmented markets. In order to have an effective Integrated Marketing Communication strategy, the organization has to have a planning model such as the one in the figure below:


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