Essays on The Explanation of the Integrated Reporting Assignment

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Q1). Types of information that need to be captured from now in order to meet the requirement of integrated reporting. Integrated report is a clear statement that shows the way a firm is going to attain its tactical plan as well the corporate ascendancy, forecast and performance of the company within external situation perspectives. In recent years, many companies were seen to be performing well when it publishes its books of account as well as paying dividend. But this is not the case any longer. The companies are suppose to prepare the books of accounts as well as adopting the concern on environment and also observing ethical standard in ensuring that the community living around are as well are satisfied.

(CIMA, 2011) Therefore for a company to attain its integrated reporting fully, some factors such as sustainability report need to be incorporated. This report was in isolation with the IFRS standard in that a practitioner was only mandated to prepare the books of accounts in conformity with IFRS while an independent consultant will draft a sustainability report. (IIRC, 2012). but with the integrated reporting framework this is not the case because this framework will have everything incoporated into one repoert meaning that there will be supplementary data such as the data of the sustanainbility report, quantyfying human capital and many more factors to be taken care off that practitioner will be mandated to keep in order to fully implement the integrated report.

(CIMA, 2011) But form now on; an integrated report would command practitioners to also prepare the sustainability report also report on whether the social and intellectual capital as well as understanding potential securities exchanges commission safeguards.

This are considered some of the extra information practitioners needs to keep up to date so that credible and reliable integrated report is generated that gives a true and fair view of the general position of the company either financial or non financial at the report date. Q2). Justify interaction of integrated reporting and other communications. Yes I do agree with the statement because In order to guarantee a comprehensive and reliable integrated report, it is deemed necessary to link the communication such of financial statement and the sustainability report to this process because some segment will appear in both the integrated report and the sustainability report and thus it is prudent to ensure that an exact figure is derived which will not mislead the readers of the company statement of performance. In the current era, many companies are supposed to adopt the international financial reporting framework (IFRS).

And thus it will be unavoidable to ignore integrated reporting process because a focused companies will adopt this process immediately and it will be seen in the market as an advanced company because it adopt reporting standard that incorporate the full range of concern.

(S, 2012) Linking the information to integrated report would facilitate creation of a good sustainability report because corporate social responsibility in business is not all about eradication of harmful effects or compliance with environmental safeguards but accepting sustainability concerns the way a company would create a value. The way a company will report its value is impacted by the manner in which an emergence of sustainable valuation creation is depicted. And therefore practitioner ought to pay attention on manner in which concerns of the social responsibility are well taken care off and accounted for as well.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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