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number Presentation: Building a Successful Professional Career at Intel Introduction Each one of us aspires to havea very successful career, but is a fact we should all live with that not all of us will have the sought of careers they initially hoped for. However, some will be lucky enough to do so. I say ‘lucky’, but maybe the correct term to use is ‘rewarded. ’ Most things in life do not happen as a result of luck, but rather the effort that is put into them. Careers also adhere to this life’s unwritten rule.

The current times do not necessarily require hard work to be rewarded; the brain can also be a muscle that does all the hard work. Making wise decisions is virtually a necessity in the present times, and my intent today is to illustrate to you that working at Intel Corporation is an effective way to boost one’s career. Problem Step A good professional career, is one of the key aspirations, for not only those of you here, but for most people today. One’s career influences most other aspects of their lives such as lifestyle, living conditions, neighborhood, car they drive, social status, and so forth.

It is lucid to see where this is heading, and how these careers mean to people. Today it is not about people, it is about us; me and you. Failure to take the opportunity is like failing to invest in the opportunity. The opportunity to shape your career starts now and it is time to mull over what course of action to assume before the opportunity is everything else but an opportunity. Solution Step I would now want to take this chance to present to you Intel Corporation.

I do believe that most of you are aware of what the organization does, and so I will diverge into what many of you may not know. Like you, most people on the global domain are aware of the existence of the corporation, but only a few exploit this platform to further their careers. Intel Corporation hires in excess of a hundred thousand employees, of whom most are based within the country. This number of employees is a clear indication of the size of the organization and that there are likely positions for other workers as a result of incidences such as increased production, retirement, and resignation. Based on revenue and market share, Intel is one of the leading manufacturers of semiconductor chips in the global market.

Attaining as employment position at the organization is an opportunity that places an individual in the production of one of the most developed semiconductors in the world. This is an accolade with the potential of ensuring the sought of careers most of us wish for.

The strategic positioning of the headquarters of the organization in Santa Clara, California means that anyone can easily find employment in other tech giants in the area. Visualization Step The following diagram indicates the stock price for Intel Corporation (INTC) Shares at NASDAQ from 1986-2006. Although the price may have plummeted at the prior stages, it does not clearly indicate a decline in the performance of the organization in the production front that necessitates the input of employees. In fact, the company announced just a few months after this trend in the second financial quarter of 2008 that it had attained the highest earnings in its entire history.

The news came at the same time when many institutions were feeling the economic crunch, but Intel operates in a very distinctive market where demand is incessantly swelling. The stock price is also declining at the moment, but it may also be an indication of a breakthrough just like before. Diagram from Market Watch Fortune 500 places rank Intel in position 54 presently, which is a considerable commendable position with the fact in mind that very few other organizations are in the same sector as Intel.

The same platform ranked Intel at position 84 in 100 Best Companies to Work for in 2014 (Fortune). Great Place to Work, however, places the organization at position 15 (Great Place to Work). An organization with such credentials and very few competitors on the same level provides an apt place to build a very promising career. An individual working within the organization acquires the identity that the organization has effectively nurtured over time in the global platform. Conclusion The aspirations for our careers can be better fulfilled if we put more thought to it at this moment than waiting for it to take shape in due time.

The ability to make wise decisions such as seeking employment at Intel at the beginning of a career is only headed by a few, and this is the main reason as to why only a few aspirations are realized. There is a chance for anyone to act differently from those not lucky or rewarded enough to be aware of this aspect to facilitating successful careers.

Millions of people saw the apple fall, only Newton asked why. Millions today see others make successful careers, it is your chance to ask how. Work Cited Fortune. 100 Best Companies to Work For. 2014. Online. 26 February 2014. Fortune. Fortune 500. 2013. Online. 26 February 2014. Great Place to Work. #15: Intel. 2014. Online. 26 February 2014. Market Watch. Intel Corp. NASDAQ: INTC. 27 February 2014. Online. 27 February 2014.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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