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The paper "Interactive and Internet Marketing" is a brilliant example of a term paper on marketing. The internet is becoming a means of doing things in the modern world. The internet has transformed the world into a global village. It is not surprising to live in Asia but work for a company in America. The abilities of efficient internet use are infinite. Each day a new way of doing things is being introduced into the market, from online jobs to mobile banking, online learning to online marketing, the abilities of the internet are amazing and in addition infinite.

Companies have not been left behind in the internet revolution. The integration of the internet into the daily activities of a company has brought many changes in the production efficiency of a company. Many activities are now being done via the internet. Some of them include e-commerce which is the integration of electronic processes into the running and processes of a company. Ecommerce has several relationships that have been established under it which are. Business to business (B2B), business to customer (B2C), business to employee (B2E), consumer to business (C2B), and lastly consumer to consumer.

All these relationships have enhanced business in companies and have revolutionized it. Other areas in companies which have seen advancements due to the internet are staffing and recruitment, where the companies do some or whole of their staffing online via their websites. Marketing where the companies market their products and services via the internet hence expanding their markets and aloes build their brands, customer care where the companies may have online chats or feedbacks to their customers (Ronald, Benzbasat, Natour 2011).

The list is endless and the activities done via the internet and technology are only limited to the creativity of the IT specialist in a company. This paper will discuss the various types and concepts of websites and also analyze two websites belonging to different companies. It is a report being done as an assignment for the course marketing. 3.0 Literature review 3.1 B2B websites B2B is a short form for business to business. The concept may apply to business transactions between businesses of any kind. B2B websites are websites that deal with the transaction between a business and the other.

B2B websites are specifically designed to enable users to transact inter business transactions. The objective of B2B websites is to link two trading companies in order to perform a certain business transaction. Normally, the transactions may involve accompanying and its suppliers, a company and its distributors and many more. Basically, B2B websites create a link between two companies with the intention of transacting business.   A good design B2B website must be able to fully meet the needs of the user. The user in this context refers to the trading companies.

In many instances, companies have a website which does not give conclusive information about a product, for instance, the full price of a commodity.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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