Essays on Interactive and Internet Marketing: Case of Napster Case Study

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The paper "Interactive and Internet Marketing: Case of Napster" is a good example of a case study on marketing. One of the biggest brands within the digital music industry is Napster brand, which is a service that is normally subscribed and functions by enabling different fans all over the world to freely have a look at the largest and most miscellaneous online collection of different kinds of music (Arnheim, 2002). All members who have done a subscription normally have unlimited access to any kind of song from all labels.

Subscribers use this site to discover more, be able to share uploaded music and other digital media and also be in a position to acquire new music and other existing old favorites by using the already developed community features, such as the capability to share tracks with friends through email tracks and also having unlimited chances to surf other Napster members' assortments (Arnheim, 2002). Another product that is offered in line with this brand is the Napster Light, which is an integrated version that only allows people to buy different songs and albums.

This Napster brand is currently available in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. It is based in Los Angeles which happens to be it’ s headquartered but has many sales offices allover other regions of its existence, which is in Frankfurt, New York, and London (Baecker, and Buxton, 2006). First, the building 0f the Napster Consumer Brand and ensuring that the awareness of the Napster brand identity is increased should be continued and be done effectively. This should involve the use of promotional techniques over the subscription service that is provided for the purpose of encouraging the innovation of new music and its related characters.

Currently, the Napster service is being marketed directly to existing consumers and this is being done through an incorporated offline and online marketing program that is normally quite steady with the already presented strong responsiveness and discernment towards the Napster brand and its services. While selling the services to the market the focus is all about the subscription services, which are normally used with the purpose of differentiating the offering of Napster from other services that are being offered by other competitors within the same market.

The offline marketing channels that are being used for the purpose of marketing Napster consists of television, radio and also the print advertising means. On the other hand, the online marketing program focuses on the use of advertising posts on different web sites and also the use of the existing search engines, preferably Google engine. The second recommendation has to do with the innovation of the brand in relation to the new technologies that are being offered with the change in the global market on how people view things and hence changing their preferences.

Enough investments are to be directed towards the new services and available new technologies.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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