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Intercultural communication on catholic religionIntroductionThe Catholic Church believes that Jesus established the church in the year 33. The church believes that Jesus appointed Apostle Paul as the first pope. In the Catholic Church scope of tradition, several canons have been availed to the Church throughout the centuries. For instance, there is veneration of Mary, confession, praying to the rosary, Eucharist, confession, baptism, apocrypha and many more (Stewart 25). First CommunionFirst Communion is one the holiest and most significant event in Catholic Church. It symbolizes that an individual has received the sacrament of the Eucharist, the body and the blood of Christ.

The catholic children usually receive the first communion when they are about seven because at that age they can reason. Other people can receive the first communion at any age after fulfilling the Catholic requirements (Stewart 45). For a person to receive the first Communion, he/she must be free of any sin and should be in state of grace. Traditionally, children make their fist confession a week before receiving the First Communion. During confession, the child confesses all the sins and then receives the penance.

The penance is generally numerous prayers to be recited right away after the confessional. After the child is forgiven of sin, she's all set to make his/her First Communion. The child should also be baptized since any person who is not baptized cannot receive the Holy Communion. After baptism, the child starts studying for First Communion. Normally the religious studies can take about two years before receiving the First Communion. During the First Communion day and anytime a person is receiving the Holy Communion, in respect to the body and blood of Jesus, one should not eat food at least an hour before receiving the sacrament; water and medicines are exempted.

After the First Communion, Catholic children should attend church all Sundays and they are supposed to receive communion regularly, even weekly. If one misses a Sunday mass with no appropriate reason, he/she should confess before receiving the Holy Communion again. The first communion is a Catholic Church ceremony. It is used to represent an individual’s first reception of the sacrament of the Eucharist.

Catholics perceive this occasion to be very vital since it is the one of the key focuses of the Catholic Church. Catholics believe that Christ is essentially present in the Eucharist. Traditions that include First Communion consist of large family gatherings and parties in celebration of the event and the people normally wear special clothing. Clothing are normally white and this is used to symbolize purity, girls usually wear fancy dresses and a veil connected to a headdress in addition to either a long or short white gloves. In some communities, girls wear dresses from their sisters of mothers or at times their school uniform as well as the veiled headdress and gloves.

In several Latin America nations, boys dress in military style dress uniforms with gold braid aiguillettes. In Switzerland, girls as well as boys wear plain white robes with brown wooden crosses around their necks. In Scotland, boys normally dress kilts and other traditional Scotland wear (Michaelann 97-103).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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