Essays on Internal and External Environment and PESTEL Frame Work Affecting the Market for Learn to Surf Strap Case Study

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The paper “ Internal and External Environment and PESTEL Frame Work Affecting the Market for Learn to Surf Strap” is a   convincing example case study on marketing. Learn to surf strap is a new product for helping young kids to learn how to surf. Learn to surf strap is a stylish tool that makes it easy to teach young children to learn how to surf safely. The product enables kids who are three years and above to stand on a surfboard and ride on the waves. It was invented and developed by Mick Slattery a project manager in Loftus in New South Wales who also runs a surf company on the side (The new inventors 2011). The marketing plan includes a review of the internal and external environment and provides recommendations for helping achieve the marketing objectives.

The strengths and weaknesses of the product were identified by examining the company website and new inventor’ s television show on ABC. External factors outside the company were scanned to identify the threats to avoid and opportunities that it can take advantage of. This information is has been formatted into SWOT.

The next part of the plan involves setting the marketing objectives that develop the marketing function into achieving its function. Strategies to achieve this are also given in the plan including implementation and evaluation process that should be undertaken. Situational analysis This is a review of the internal and external environment variables that will influence the market for learning to surf strap. Customer environmentThe value added by the product is aimed at people involved in water sports or have young children who would like to be involved in water sports.

Research has identified that water sports are one of the major sports that people from UAE are involved in. The United Arab Emirates has some good beaches that attract tourists with one of the main sports at the beaches being surfing. In the UAE, most of the people who go on holiday have to visit the beach as it is a major attraction. The people who visit the beach are families, and young children usually accompany them. Primary research via observation and that done by beach holiday companies indicates that the families who visit the beach enjoy water sports especially surfing. Going by this, there exists a potential market for a product that will help young children learn how to surf.

The local population, as well as the tourist who visit the beach, creates a huge demand for this product. However, even if the product is introduced into the market the purchase intentions of the buyers may not translate into purchase behavior due to external influence like family, friends and online reviews as they influence the decision to buy. The website that has the details about the product enlightens the customers on how to use the product safely and easily through demonstrations that encourage people to buy.

However, it does not rank highly in search engines as it does not interact with many people even via social media. External environmentThese include an analysis of the competitors as well as the external variables that influence the market via the PESTEL framework.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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