Essays on Management Accountability and Control - the Policies to Be Adopted Case Study

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The paper “ Management Accountability and Control - the Policies to Be Adopted" is a  pathetic example of a case study on management. The paper presents specific procedures to be followed by Eyeglasses for the Poor, to improve internal control and accountability. The organization is facing challenges among them being possible funds embezzlement arising from the inadequate safeguard of the same. The second problem is caused by inadequate number of employees in the organization, which causes difficulties to delegate duties. The recommendationBefore starting the policies and processes to be implemented to uphold accountability and control, it is important to remind Joy Becket of the meaning of management accountability and control.

Managerial accountability can be defined as the desire that supervisors are in charge of the quality and convenience of business operations, expanding profitability, controlling expenses and alleviating unfriendly parts of office operations, and guaranteeing that activities are undertaken with honesty and in agreeability with material law. Managerial control, on the other hand, is concerned with whether the policies and procedures of the organization guarantee the following: first, the organization's activities accomplish the planned objectives.

Second, the organization’ s resources are utilized in accordance with the mission and goals. Third, the organization’ s activities and resources are shielded from waste, extortion, and mismanagement. Fourth, the appropriate laws and policies are adhered to while undertaking an organization’ s activities. Fifth, solid and auspicious data is acquired, kept up, reported and utilized for choice-making (Finkler, Purtell, Calabrese & Smith, 2013). Joy Becker is in charge of the quality and opportuneness of system execution, expanding efficiency, controlling expenses and moderating unfavorable parts of organization operations, and guaranteeing that projects are made do with trustworthiness and in compliance with pertinent law.

The following are some of the control standards that will certainly enhance accountability and control in Eyeglasses for the Poor: first, All the activities of the organization, commitments, and expenses must follow material law and regulation. Second, management controls must give sensible confirmation that resources are shielded against waste, misfortune, unapproved utilization, and misappropriation. Management controls created for organization activities ought to be legitimate, pertinent, sensibly finish, and powerful and effective in fulfilling administration destinations (Finkler, Purtell, Calabrese & Smith, 2013). Last, managers and workers must have individual trustworthiness and are committed to backing the morals programs in their offices.

The soul of the Standards of Ethical Conduct obliges that they create and actualize compelling administration controls and keep up a level of ability that permits them to achieve their allocated obligations (Finkler, Purtell, Calabrese & Smith, 2013). The policies to be adoptedThe organization should adopt the following policies to enhance accountability and control: first, Joy Becker ought to guarantee that proper power, obligation, and responsibility are characterized and designated to perform the mission of the organization and that a suitable hierarchical structure is built up to adequately complete system obligations.

To the degree conceivable, controls and related choice-making power ought to be in the hands of the manager and staff. Therefore, Joy Becker should strive to delegate authority to the available staff members in the organization (Borowiak, 2011). Second, key responsibilities and obligations in approving, preparing, recording, and looking into authority office exchanges ought to be assigned to different staff members. Joy Becker ought to practice suitable oversight to minimize the chances that the employees surpass or misuse their appointed powers.

Third, access to assets and records ought to be restricted to approved people, and responsibility for the care and utilization of assets ought to be allocated and kept up. Fourth, transactions ought to be expeditiously recorded, appropriately arranged and represented with a specific end goal to get ready opportune records and solid financial related and different reports. The documentation for exchanges, administration controls, and other critical occasions must be clear and promptly accessible for examination (Borowiak, 2011). Last, Joy Becket ought to immediately assess and focus legitimate activities in light of known lacks, reported review and different discoveries, and related suggestions.

She ought to finish, inside settled time spans, resolve the matters that require the administration's consideration (Borowiak, 2011). ConclusionAs discussed above, in order to enhance accountability and control, the following should be done: authority should be delegated to the employees; responsibility should be delegated to the employees who are to be supervised by the managers; access to resources should be restricted to specific employees; a clear record of transactions and financial performance should be kept; and financial records should be audited.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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