Essays on Internal Factors Affecting Customers Decision Making Coursework

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The paper "Internal Factors Affecting Customer’ s Decision Making" is a brilliant example of coursework on marketing. Apparently, the customer is the most important stakeholder in a business. This is for the straightforward reason that, it is because of the demand created by the customers’ needs that an organization is in operation (Wright 2006). It, therefore, becomes a matter of common reasoning that an organization should, at all times to endeavor to understand all the factors, both internal and external, that influence the decision-making process of an individual. Decision making is a complicated process and it entails a number of steps.

Majorly, the internal factors of an individual decision-maker outweigh the external factors affecting decision making. For instance, the personality of an individual will always prevail, in the event that an advertisement is in contravention of what the personality of an individual stands for. The study of the manner in which customers make decisions is what is commonly referred to as the science of consumer behavior. This paper endeavors to bring out all the primary internal factors that affect the decision making of an individual consumer, in light of mobile phones as a key product.

The paper does this, in light of the most important aspects and theories of consumer behavior. Relevant theories and concepts Talking of internal factors affecting decision making, many theories and concepts come into play. Even so, not all concepts and theories are equally important. Some theories are more significant than others, for the simple reason that they explain the internal factors better than the other perspectives. In this case, the most important concepts include the concept of need recognition, perception, personality, and lifestyle, as well as attitudes.

These are the most significant because they show where the urge to buy originates and examine the possibility of such a purchase actually taking place. Summarily, these factors address the force behind the decision to buy, and the major factors that influence what are to be bought (De Mooij, 2010). Taking the example of a cell phone, the first thing that will initiate the decision to buy is the need to communicate. As such, the customer must first recognize the need to communicate.

After recognizing the need, personality will come into play, in deciding which type of phone the individual shall buy. Personality refers to the unique characteristics of a person. These dictate the kind of phone the person should buy. After that, the person will sample out various types and select one, depending o what his perception directs him to choose. After the purchase, the customer may develop an attitude in such a manner that he will never buy a phone of a different make, design or company. This is what is referred to as a permanent attitude.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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