Essays on Emerging Market Dynamics in Australia Annotated Bibliography

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The paper "Emerging Market Dynamics in Australia" is an outstanding example of a marketing annotated bibliography.   As per global bond mangers, Pimco, Australia has been cited as a developed country that would provide the most opportunities in global bonds to investors among developed economies. The article also focuses on the difference in outlook towards global bonds for Europe, the US and other emerging countries post the economic crisis. Further, the article states that Australia and Canada are some of the few developed countries that faced the crisis in a better manner due to their strong fundamentals and exposure towards growth dynamics in emerging countries through commodities. Implications: The strong position of the Australian bond market is an important piece of information for a global marketer as he may advise his or her company to invest in the Australian bond market and reap benefits.

Further, the conditions in other bond markets of the world provide a cautious environment wherein the marketers have to be careful about the fallout of the economy. Also, emerging countries such as China, Brazil, South Korea and Mexico have come out as strong bond markets along with developed nations such as the US, Canada and Australia. A strong bond market is also indicative of the fact that the economy is on an uphill and the marketers may take advantage of this condition and aggressively market its product in the country.

Further, the marketers may want to settle for payments en-route bonds or have contracts that enable them to get paid through bonds. In such cases, this would be a perfect time to leverage on the bonds market and earn considerable profits. Another important point to note for the marketer is that Australia has also emerged as a better country post the economic crisis due to its strong fundamentals and exposure to the growth dynamics of the emerging countries through the commodity pricing.

All these views provide a solid image of the Australian economy and suggest that the economy is in a far better condition than other economies of the world, which in turn provides a strong base for the consumers in the country as well. Thus, the marketers would become aware of the global positioning of Australia and may focus on the country to launch their products and services as well as aggressively market their existing offerings as well. Article 2: Retailers support business confidence James Glynn and Rachel Pannett From Dow Jones Newswires July 13, 2010 http: //www. theaustralian. com. au/business/markets/retail-support-business-confidence/story-e6frg926-1225891162443 Summary: The article focuses on two the results of two surveys highlighting the business confidence in Australia.

As per the survey by the National Australia Bank, the business confidence in the country witnessed a minor decrease, while reporting an increase in business conditions index. The survey stated that the economy is on a growth path, with demand growth of around 4 per cent.

In a separate survey by the Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, it was found that the investor confidence in the country has witnessed a downfall due to concerns over global economic outlooks and increasing interest rates.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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