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International trade- product SWOT Analysis Contents Contents 2 3 SWOT Analysis 3 Strengths 3 Weakness 3 Opportunities 4 Threats 5 Reference 6 Name of the Exporting Company: Manuka Honey Products Products to be exported: All the products of Manuka honey Exporting of the products would be from Manuka Health-New Zealand to Saudi Arabia SWOT Analysis Strengths Manuka Health greatest strength lies in its 100% pure and highest quality health care products in New Zealand. Manuka Health is supported by scientific research and the products of Manuka health ensure a healthy life and well being. Manuka Health’s documentary, Out of the Wild had won a Stevie Award in 2010 in the International Business Award (Manuka Health, “Videos”).

Manuka Health products have a strong presence in the local market providing it with an advantage of entering into new markets. The company is world leader in producing Manuka honey and distributing it worldwide. Manuka health offers global business and plans to exports its honey to Saudi Arabia. Weakness AS per reports the major honey exporting regions comprises of East Asia, Mercosur, NAFTA and EU and with respect to countries the largest exporters are Argentina and China which exports 17% of honey followed by Mexico, Spain, Hungary, Germany and Indonesia.

New Zealand accounts to only 3% of the world honey exporters (SADC Trade, p.14). It is essential to have a distributor through whom Manuka Health’s product can be exported in Saudi Arabia but unfortunately Manuka Health is seeking one for their worldwide distribution (Manuka Health-a, “Distributor”). This process might take time and provide an advantage to its competitors competing in the same ground. Exporting to Saudi Arabia can be challenging due to the rules and regulations and legal procedure which needs to be followed.

Opportunities The company deals in honey and honey products which itself is a big opportunity as honey is one of the products that is natural and helps in curing diseases. The unique properties of Manuka honey helps in curing conditions such as stomach ulcer, infection, and cough cold and also in fever. The demand for its product is quite high not only in New Zealand but also globally. This provides an opportunity for the company to export its Manuka honey in other parts of the world. Saudi Arabia experiences a high rate of consumption in terms of honey.

About 5000 metric tons of honey is consumed by a population of 20million in the Arabs ever year (FAS, p.1). Thus the opportunity for Manuka health’s product to export is huge and if utilised properly it could become the number one exporter of honey products which are beneficial to individual’s health. Imports dominate the Saudi Arabia honey market. As per statics of Saudi Arabia, the country produces about 90 tons of honey per year out of which only 2% to 4% is consumed (FAS, p.2).

Thus the chances of New Zealand supplying honey is quite bright and can yield good response from the consumers of Saudi Arabia. Threats Major threats for Manuka Health are from other countries which have been regarded as the top most regions and countries in exporting honey to Saudi Arabia. New Zealand exports only 3% of honey which is comparatively less when compared to countries with 17% by Argentina and China. Thus with any global uncertainty the export business might get affected causing threat to the Manuka health and its export policies with regards to Saudi Arabia.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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