Essays on International And Comparative Human Resource Management Case Study

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1. Businesses looking to be successful over a longer period of time will have to look towards finding out ways through which the business will be able to reduce the mistakes in the future. This requires that the management looks towards understanding the mistakes by evaluating the different alternatives so that business is able to gain efficiency. The case highlights some of the mistakes that have been committed by Donaldson. Donaldson have been a part for the organization for some time now but despite it hasn’t been able to formulate a mechanism through which the risks and the mistakes made are controlled.

One of the mistakes committed by Donaldson was that he wasn’t able to understand the cultural differences that existed between organizations working in different places. The lack of skills shown by Donaldson to deal with the manner in which culture differs resulted in differences between the different members of different organizations. This made it difficult for the Donaldson to execute the plans as determined as Donaldson didn’t understand the importance culture has on management practices and the manner the business working is altered due to it (Warner & Joynt, 2002).

The fact that management practices are guided and determined through social settings which are influenced by local and cultural norms were completely ignored (Downes, Thomas and Singley, 2002). This made it difficult for Donaldson to change in the manner he used to work. Donaldson continued on the same approach like taking extra time in arranging papers whereas the other culture thought it as wastage of time and wanted it to be done before time. This created differences and made it difficult for the entire organization to come together and work as a single unit. The case also shows that Donaldson was unable to predict the cultural and other changes that have to be done to be able to present better and ensure that the objectives were better delivered.

It is identified that economic development to a large extend depends on predicting the cultural changes (Richardson & McKenna, 2002) and the inability of Donaldson to identify those was an area which highlighted major problems for the business. A factor which can help in this direction is the manner in which consumerism has gained importance due to wide use of internet has enabled the business to change with changing times (Ward and R-Deuba, 2000).

The fact that Donaldson wasn’t able to identify those shows that the cultural changes and the manner in which consumerism was gaining importance was not managed which affected the decisions taken by Donaldson. The mistakes were committed by Donaldson due to the fact that the future growth and success that the organization has seen on account of the policy changes made by Donaldson which made him look towards using similar concepts.

The fact that Donaldson didn’t lay importance to understand the manner in which there were cultural changes and differences between the culture has an effect on the business resulted in little or no changes in the manner the business was conducted. The case shows that individualism was a concept which was greatly relied on and Donaldson looked towards using a fundamental where cultural aspects were ignored and the business looked towards adopting this method (Zakaria, 2000).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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