Essays on Recommending an Overseas Market Briefing - Emporium Hotel Case Study

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The paper "Recommending an Overseas Market Briefing - Emporium Hotel " is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. The Emporium Hotel has located in Brisbane just a short distance from the city centre. It is a leading hotel in the Australian Hotel industry. The hotel has been growing in leaps and bounds and in 2012 it was awarded Australia’ s Best Boutique hotel. Emporium hotel has plans of expanding its presence in markets overseas. This report recommends that India is the most suitable country for the planned expansion because of the state of the hotel industry in that country.

The need to open the overseas branch has been prompted by the hotel’ s great success in the Australian market. To have a clear understanding of the market, this report of the market analysis of the Indian hotel market has been developed. The report will be used by the hotel to determine how attractive the Indian Hotel market is. The report will provide much-needed guidance on which things should be changed in the investment strategy. Emporium Hotel is a major hotel in Brisbane and the whole of Australia.

It is among the leading hotels in Australia and in the near past it has hit the headlines for being among the fastest-growing investments. In 2012 the hotel received an award known as Australia’ s Best Boutique hotel. The profit margins of this hotel have been growing and this has enabled the hotel to widen its market share and service to its clients. As a result of a strong position in the Australian market, the management has decided to open an international branch of the same hotel in India.

This is in line with the hotel’ s strategy of offering the best services to the world. Economic Environment Market size India is a very vast country and its population is growing rapidly. It is among the countries with the highest populations in the world. In 2011, India was rated number 68 in the list of the top tourist destinations in the whole world. In order to support the tourism sector, the Indian government has taken certain measures aimed at benefiting the tourism sector. The tourism and hospitality industry in India grew by 24.6% between 2009 and 2010.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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