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The paper "International Business Concept " is an outstanding example of a business assignment. The development of the international business concept in the market has increased the overall organizational success possible in the market. In this case, the markets are increasingly influenced by the existence of variances between the variables in the market. In this case, The Business in emerging markets article on the Economist magazine sought to enumerate implication factors for the application of multinational organizations in the economy. In this case, the study argued that multinational firms operations in the emerging markets create a mixture of both positive and negative influence On one hand, it enhances increased employment rates.

The emerging markets are characterized by an increased labour base that is often unemployed. In this case, organizations in the industry face increased market potential for labour supply. However, the existence of limited business and investment ventures in such economies leads to an increased pool of unemployed individuals. In this regard, such economies as Agnese and Sala (2008, p. 63) argued, face high unemployment rates. However, the investment of multinational organizations in the market enhances the increased potential for employment.

Although a number of the multinational organizations in emerging use expatriates in executive management roles, they increasingly employ the local labour in the other employee levels. As such, the investment of such organizations increases employment opportunities in such respective markets. Despite the positive implications of employment creation, multinational organizations' investment in the emerging markets has its share of demerits. In particular, a major demerit is increased labour exploitation in such markets. As already discussed, emerging markets are characterized by a large labour supply with low demand for the workforce.

Therefore, the labour market is easily compromised into low remunerations and poor working conditions.  


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