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The paper "International Business - MonoCharge " is a perfect example of a business case study. Monowear Design, a small American mobile device innovator intends to enter the global market. The company has a unique product known as the MonoCharge. The MonoCharge is a wireless charging device for Apple smart-phones and smart-watches. A prolific market is China, one of the biggest markets in the world. This report provides an environmental analysis comprising of a PESTEL and SWOT analysis. The findings indicate that China is a viable market, whose main source of opportunity is in continuing legal and policy reforms.

The reforms suggest the possibility of a brighter future for Monowear Design. The main threat posed however is the possible rise of Apple’ s competitors in China, which could threaten the demand for MonoCharge. There is therefore the recommendation that: Entry into China should be gradual, to give more time for the reforms to be complete There should be the development of an alternative MonoCharge version that will be compatible with the next big mobile device brand that may arise Introduction Mobile device users often experience the inconveniencing challenge of having to carry many charging cables around.

As a solution, Monowear Design, a small business based in San Francisco, California United States came up with an innovation called MonoCharge. This is a wireless charger specifically made for iPhone and Apple Watch users. MonoCharge uses Qi Wireless Charging Technology, a concept that is increasingly becoming integrated into various models of high-end smart-phones. Unlike other wireless chargers, the MonoCharge enables the use of one charger for different Apple devices, and it can charge both the phone and the watch at the same time (MonoWear Design, 2016). The Choice of China The MonoCharge needs to be taken into the Chinese market, mainly because of the extremely high potential that China presents.

China is for instance the largest iPhone market in the world.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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