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The paper "International Business, Corruption" is a perfect example of a business assignment.   In my view, corruption is any form of dishonest behavior exhibited by people in positions of power and which typically involves bribery. Corruption is not a novel concept in society; it has been practiced and fought for centuries, with some notable examples occurring in ancient civilizations. Corruption is defined the same way in all countries, with the only difference being the manner in which they legislate against it. Different nations have different laws to define and fight corruption. For example, in some Asian countries like China, corruption is classified as a capital offence that could be punishable by death.

In some countries, it attracts long sentences, while in others it is seen as an ethical crime that warrants moderate punishment commensurate with the degree and moral standing of the guilty parties. The differences in how corruption is legislated against are inspired by various factors, including societal practices and beliefs and legal precedents. In a majority of Asian countries, corruption is considered to be a violation of both legal and moral standards.

More often than not, the latter dictates the type and degree of punishment meted out on guilty individuals. In western countries, corruption is also a legal and ethical violation, but the legal dimension tends to carry the most weight (unlike in Asian countries that are more conservative). Interestingly, these contrasts are not just limited to corruption. Other crimes are also often legislated differently depending on how they are perceived by the societies in which they occur. Some countries are more corrupt than others. Nowadays it is common for indices and rankings to be released that show the extent of corruption in individual countries.

Based on these rankings, it is obvious that some countries are more corrupt than others. Although they have been criticized in some quarters as tools of western dominance and neo-colonialism, their variety makes them credible indicators of the level of corruption in different countries.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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