Essays on Nature of Comvitas Products, Lollicups Distinct Competitive Advantages Assignment

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The paper "Nature of Comvita’ s Products, Lollicup’ s Distinct Competitive Advantages" is a good example of a business assignment.   It is very clear that the nature of Comvita’ s products has highly affected its strategy of entering new markets. It is worth noting that Comvita has a wide range of health products. The health products are derived from pollen, venom, royal jelly and honey among other natural materials. The nature of the products allows the Company to sell them through local distributors and through a product positioning strategy. The broad range of Comvita’ s health products are packaged in diverse quantities makes it easy for the products to be sold through high-end retailers and speciality stores for health products. The nature of the products, in this case, allows them to be easily sold in small quantities using the market entry strategies illustrated above.

Considering the fact that all Comvita’ s products have one brand, this affected its choice of entering new markets through offshoring. In this case, the Company ensures that it employs its own staffs in the offshore markets that carry out sales and marketing of its products.

This definitely helped to protect the brand. (Friedman, 1999) This made it easier for the Company to enter new markets such as the US, UK, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Asia. For instance, the Company started an offshore subsidiary in Yokohama in order to solely protect its brand. Some of the natural products are made from natural raw materials like propolis which are scarce. This led to Comvita Company forming a strategic alliance with Extracts NZ Ltd that resulted in its entry in the Taiwanese market.

The accessibility of raw materials of its products, their diversity and potential of the patent makes Comvita enter new markets through off-shoring. (Scholte, 2004) Lion Air’ s regional quest Q. 1 Difference between budget and traditional airlines There are various differences between budget and traditional airlines. One of the differences is that budget airlines use a low-cost strategy as compared to other traditional airlines. This is considering the fact that budget airlines have very low ticket prices. They go as low as ten to twenty percent as compared to other traditional airlines.

They, therefore, do not maximise on comfort facilities like headrests, window shades and food but on the flight itself. To budget airlines, the low ticket price is most important to customers than the other accompaniments to the journey. (Roth and Morrison, 1992) This differentiates budget airlines from the others that have high costs and provide luxury, comfort and food passengers. Budget airlines commonly provide point to point services. This is more so the flights from one city to the other. This is unlike the traditional airlines that provide services between capital and secondary cities.

There are various exclusive facilities or services that are offered in traditional airlines but not in budget airlines. These include insurance for the flight travel, banking services, executive lounge, free check and mileage rewards among other services. It is evident that budget airlines have a smaller number of staffs, smaller fleet size and few offices as compared to traditional airlines that have many staffs, many offices across the nation and very large fleet sizes.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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