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Executive Summary: Mobile Telecommunications is a communication system that supports third generation cellular networking system. Through this form of communication system, it has facilitated faster and easy communication within different location at a cheaper price. Apart from faster and cheaper communication, this form of communication also guarantees security of information being passed because it allows encryption of information, making it difficult for un-authorized person to interpret the information. Due to current rapid Information Technological changes in the communication sector, there is need for the emergence of various networking firms in order to meet high demand for the users.

One of the countries that have stable development in mobile telecommunication system is Vietnam, which has various networking organization to provide services both locally and internationally. In the region, one of the telecommunication firms that provide mobile network operation to the people of Vietnam is Viettel Group, popularly known as Vietnamese. This organization is of great importance to the region because through it, Vietnam as experience better mobile networking operations, hence easy communication. On the other hand, in the country of Finland, there exists Tele Finland, an up-coming telecommunication firm; also has the potential of providing mobile services to the region.

Therefore, in order for this organization to expand its services, there is need for the organization to penetrate into the international market. This can be achieved through having branches to developed countries like Vietnam, which has better telecommunication services. Business Environment of Vietnam (Host Country): Industrial development is important for any country towards its economic development. In order for this development to be realized, there is need for the government to create good business environment that is able to attract many international investors in the local industries.

Therefore, the government of any given country should make sure they enforce better business laws and regulations that create good environment for the operation of the available businesses (Plunkett, 2008, pp134). Mobile telecommunication system in Vietnam is stable and able to supply the required services through telecommunication organizations such as Viettel Group, one of the major mobile communication organizations that the country depends on telecommunication services. Consequently, these telecommunication services are able to provide the required services to the country due to good business environment provided by the country’s government.

This can be determined through the economic, legal, cultural, political and social environment of the country. Economic Environment of Vietnam: In order for a country to develop, it is a requirement for the country to have stable economic development, mostly realized through agricultural and industrial development. Vietnam being one of the developed countries in telecommunication sector, it has steady development process, which makes it easy for various telecommunication organizations in the region to experience better business environment. For instance, current economic status of Vietnam country has good growth from industrial development (Akhtar et al, 2009, pp124).

This is through the gross domestic product growth, sectorial growth, global intervention, ODA commitments, and foreign direct investment flow. According to the current domestic product growth of Vietnam, it has registered a growth to 6.8% in 2008. Through this steady economic growth, it has helped the country to become one of the developed countries in Asia, being the third highest after China and India. The domestic economic product growth of Vietnam country since 2007 to 2001 is illustrated below.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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