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International Business Project Linking Germany and AustraliaIntroductionFurniture business is quite lucrative due to the high demands for the products across the world. The designs of the furniture always differ depending on the cost. Appropriate and suitable design is essential in the manufacturing process as it reduces the cost of manufacturing which is advantageous to the business owner. The cost of labor is also an important consideration in the furniture manufacturing industry. This is because the manufacturing requires a lot of labor. It is therefore important to put into consideration the labor cost so as to determine the amount of profit that can be generated.

The location of the business enterprise is also an important consideration due to the cost implications and the risk factors. The design of furniture in Germany is always considered the best and it is cheap and suitable for all the types of customers (PKF Germany, 2010). The cost of labor on the other hand is cheaper in Vietnam due to the employment rats. This makes it easy to manufacture the furniture for sale in Western Australia. The paper thus discusses a business plan in the furniture industry that will base its design in Germany.

Manufacturing will be carried out in Vietnam while the products will be sold in Western Australia. Vision, Mission and Objectives of the BusinessThe vision of the company is to be the leading manufacture of furniture in Australia in the next two years. This is to be achieved through satisfying the customers by coming up with the required design of the furniture. The mission of the company is to conquer the Western Australian market in the design and manufacture of the furniture.

The main objective of the company is to ensure that it satisfies all the demands of the customers. The company also intends to come up with unique designs of the furniture that will capture the attention of the customers. The use of unique design is also for the benefit of the customers as it will ensure that the company increases it sales. The company also intends to promote the protection of the environment through planting of trees and support the environmental activities. This is because the company will be dealing with the forest products when manufacturing its products. SWOT analysisStrengthThe company expects to conquer the Australian market due to the various strengths and advantages in the market.

The design of unique furniture is one of the strengths in the market nature that the company will enjoy. This s because most f the customers in Australia require the unique design of their furniture which is quite rare (Chekitan, 2005). Very few companies are able to offer a unique design which is an advantage to the company.

It is also important to note that the company will be contacting another company in Germany to come up with the designs. This is an advantage to the company as it is well known that the some of the clients imports their furniture from Germany. The trading atmosphere in Germany is also favorable for the Australian companies. This is due to the low costs of operations as compared to other countries. The economic situation in Germany is also favorable for doing business which is one of the advantages the company will benefit from.

The investment that the company intends to use is also strength for the company. The company is financially stable and it will be able to pay for any cost of operations during the initial stages. The strengths of the company will enable it to dominate the western Australian market.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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