Essays on Opportunities for Adam Internet to Export Services Abroad Case Study

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The paper "Opportunities for Adam Internet to Export Services Abroad" is a perfect example of a business case study. Adam internet is an Australian based information technology firm. The company provides internet services to individuals and businesses mainly in South Australia. The company has been in the industry for close to thirty years and has developed the capability to export its services to other countries. As an internet service provider, Adam Internet employs a wide range of technologies to enable consumers to connect to each other through its network.

Adam Internet’ s business model is based on the hierarchical model of interconnection where all payments are made in one direction. This model is founded on the reasoning that internet services should be easy to stakeholders, that is the customers who use it to search for information and communicate. Accordingly, the model is highly geared towards offering the best and high-quality services to users (Adam Internet, n.d). There are many advantages that Adam Internet will gain by exporting its services to foreign countries. These include increasing sales and profits; reduction of risks; balancing growth and economies of scale.

According to Cheng and Kwan (2000), exporting is the best way of increasing sales potentials and neutralizing risks inherent in the domestic market. There are, however, a number of disadvantages for the company if it engages in export trade. One of these is that exporting services to foreign countries require a lot of capital expenditure. Secondly, the legal and political conditions in foreign countries might not be favorable for the company’ s business. Thirdly, exporting exposes the company to the risks inherent in the international market.   1.2Current Market Profile Adam Internet provides its services to individual households, businesses and government agencies throughout much of South Australia and adjacent regions.

Generally, consumers subscribe for desired data packages and therefore households and businesses from all income classes and lifestyles can be Adam Internet’ s customers. There are two major trends that have impacted on Adam Internet’ s current market profile.


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