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Introduction World Trade Organization has continued to be one of the significant instruments of globalization in the world at present. Of most important is the fact that most developed countries have supported the organization. These countries have already utilized most of the multilateral financial institutions such as International Monetary Fund and the World Bank (Zoellick, 2005). As such, they have been able to influence most of the economic policies of the some developing countries especially in Africa and Asian countries. Notably, most developed countries such as the United States have perceived that they can easily achieve their goals in the World Trade Organization.

In addition, they will be able to do so by using the influence and strength. As such most of companies or firms found in these countries stand to benefit too; . This is attributed to the fact that the economic and political power of their government together with their economic and technological muscles of their companies in combine effort can push their interest forward in the organization. It is interesting to note that the developed countries may have some differences in relation to their different economic and benefit interest; however, in case, there is a dispute from the developing countries concerning their exports, the developed come together to support and promote their interest.

One may argue that companies in developed countries are able o get what they desire in the WTO is because they have clearly stated their goals and use their governments full strength to advance their interests. An excellent example where developed countries are able to come together to fight issue raised by developing countries, is the Uruguay Round of negotiations where powerful developed countries came together and were able to gain greatly against the developing countries.

As a result of the increased pressure on the developing countries by the develop countries, high imbalances were experienced. Therefore, most companies have concluded that for them to benefit in the global market, they need to engage their governments to fight their battles not only against foreign organizations and firms but also in the WTO. As a result, various methods have been invented in order to ensure that the companies remain competitive in the trading industry.

It is important to note that the governments have taken this role so as to promote the growth of their home companies and also to promote the economic growth of their respective countries (World Trade Organization, 2010). 2.0 Ways to Advance in WTO2.1 Settling disputes One of the ways that companies use their government to advance in the World Trade Organization is to settle dispute that may arise with a foreign competitor. As such, the government presents the case to the WTO so that the committee involved in dispute settlement may make the right decision concerning the issue.

One of the most recent occurrences of a government interfering in the WTO on behalf of its company is when the United States filed a complaint on behalf of the Boeing Company in 2004 at the World Trade Organization. The issue was brought when the Boeing Company claimed that the European Union countries had illicit subsided to Airbus which was against the international agreement. In addition, this move had clearly distorted the already set commercial aviation’s landscapes (Boeing, 2010).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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