Essays on International Business - Coca-Cola Company Case Study

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The paper "International Business - Coca-Cola Company" is a perfect example of a business case study. Coca-Cola is ranked third best global best brand behind Apple and Google which are valued company partners; technologies from these companies are used by Coke to create connections and relationships with customers. The estimated Coke brand value is approximated at $81.6 billion this year up 3% from last year. This is said to be four times more than any other beverage across the world (Coca-Cola 2014). The brand is prospectively growing through continuous evolution with respect to changing markets as well as through innovation to stay ahead of trends.

For instance, the introduction of Coca-Cola Life, minority ownership stakes in Monster and Keurig Green Mountain, and the ZICO coconut water acquisition guarantee a bright future for the company. Coke Company is the world’ s largest beverage producer. The company is also unendingly increasing its volume growth globally; for instance, coca-colacompany. com reported that this year gained 1% global volume growth in the third quarter and 2% annually (Coca Cola 2014). The main company's global volume and value share growth were gained in nonalcoholic ready-to-drink beverages.

Accordingly, the sparkling beverage global volume grew by 1% year to date regardless of the dynamically challenging macroeconomic environment including poor and adverse weather conditions experienced in certain regions of the world coupled with competitive pressure largely impacted company marketing activities (Statista 2014). However, generally, the company registered growth in volume and value in its core sparkling beverages which significantly attributed to the successful Share a Coke marketing promotional activities across different markets globally (Drummond, Ensor & Ashford 2010). The company is competitively positioned to gain further growth throughout the year. Coke Company has announced five key strategies aimed at restoring its growth momentum together with re-invigorating future or long-term sustainable growth.

The company CEO, for instance, reiterated that the company has started seeing early signs of growth and thus there is a need to increase the pace and scope of change as the company continues to encounter an economic environment that is challenging (Signh, Jindal & Samim 2011).


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