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The paper "International Events Management" is a perfect example of a case study on management. International event management is a discipline that involves project management to the conception and development of events such as festivals and meetings among others. In general, event organization involves studying the workings on a certain mega-event concerning branding techniques, identification of its target audience, and coordinating the technical aspects of the planned event. Events and festivals such as mega sport and soccer cup have many benefits realized by the hosting cities and countries. Therefore, the management of international mega-events is a concern to any hosting nation and governments with the target of ensuring that the hosts reap the best economic benefits out of the event (Masterman, 2009).

Since clients attend to event management without any clear idea in their minds, it is totally up to the event manager to work on the strategies and modalities needed to make the event’ s goals and objectives realizable. In this case, the event manager strives to satisfy both the event stakeholders and its audience. The management of international mega-events is among the most important economic planning that a company and governments can engage themselves in.

many different events considered international and need careful planning and management include international symposiums, cinema festivals, The Cheltenham Food and Drink Festival, and events such as the world cup of soccer. It through such international mega-events that most international organizations seek to market their brands and products in countries where they may not have ventured before. These events are also useful in strengthening the socio-cultural factors between people of different cultural backgrounds as well as promoting peace and social cohesion.

The Cheltenham Food and Drink festival is without a doubt one of the most popular global events that many companies in the food industry would wish to get involved in for them to market their food products and win more recognition.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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