Essays on Human Resource Management for International Business Machine Case Study

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The paper 'Human Resource Management for International Business Machine " is a good example of a management case study. Human resource management is a fundamental part of an organization and mainly deals with the administration of the company’ s workforce. It, therefore, needs laying out policies, which will guarantee that the labor force and resources available will facilitate the realization of institutional aspirations. Armstrong (2006) asserts that human resource management apart from its managerial characteristics it is also exemplified risk management for the firm, which in the end makes certain legislative conformities.

Its base propagates from the assumption that the labor force targets varying goals and fulfillment of different, individualistic, and corporation needs. In this event, effective human resource management escalates productivity, ensures the provision of necessary resources, and ensures cohesion for the achievement of goals. On the other hand, international human resource management is human resource management at a multinational level. It is thus a typical entity of human resource management characterized by enlisting, instructing, dismissal, and performance appraisal among others. International human resource management is thus concerned with linking single domestic human resource management in making a domain of resource management.

It is hence primarily concerned about the management of labor force, which belongs to a country in which the auxiliary is located; third state employees and domestic country workforce. Consequently, it involves various processes in which when working collaboratively achieve organizational goals in this case International Business Machine Corporation objectives. Through various international personnel integrating service provision, for instance, recruitment, management of skills within the firm, cost planning, wages and salaries, payroll, labor relations, and inductions. As a result, the firm is able to make obtainable momentous multinational economic reimbursement to its various branches worldwide (Armstrong, 2006). Background of the organization International Business Machine is an American technology firm based in New York.

The firm hence deals in the manufacture and sales of computer software and hardware. Furthermore, it tenders to host and consultancy services in computer-related fields. It is thus considered the second largest technological trading firm in the global market capitalization. Initiated in 1911 as the computing tabularizing recording company through the amalgamation of Tabulating machine firm, international time recording firm, computing scale company, and the Bundy manufacturing.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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