Essays on Coca-Cola - Effectiveness of Diversity Training Programs Case Study

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The paper “ Coca-Cola - Effectiveness of Diversity Training Programs” is a pathetic example of the case study on human resources. International human resource management is required by the firms that are working across the border where different cultural affect the human resource of the firm. The firms within a single country also require adopting different human resource management techniques according to the labor and government of that firm. Below a complete description is given that for internal human resource management diversity training programs works and is required by the firms while working across the borderline.

The very first important thing in managing human resources is to provide diversity training and a complete description of it is given below. Later the paper describes different cases that the global firm usually used for their human resource management. Our main emphasis is on European industries which were facing problems from the last few years due to the worst human resource management techniques. Moreover, the paper describes the role of corporate governance in managing a human resource that is required to manage the internal employees to the union formed within the firm.

The example of Cadbury is given showing that their success is due to the best management techniques sued by the firm. Diversity Training ProgramThe purpose of my research article is to give authentic information about the effective impact of International Human resource management on an organization. My research paper includes the study of companies whose data will show the effect of diversity training programs. The necessity of Diversity training programs in the organization is very important in order to increase the awareness of their employees to different skills, knowledge, and information about the culture of different regions.

The implementation of such training programs is essential when an organization decided to serve different regions of the world and in specific term organization diversify its workforce. The employees must know their civil rights when working outside their motherland and all this information is provided during the diversity-training program.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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