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The paper 'HRM Challenges Faced in China" is a good example of a management case study. One of the roles of management within an organization is Human Resource management and this entails the process of recruiting, management, and offering direction to employees. This is a function that directly relates to people in terms of acquiring them, rewarding them, compensation, and managing their performance among other duties. The success in the functions aforementioned relating to the management of human resources is not only determined by the management but also by the size of the organization (Brown & MacBean, 2005, 21). Aim As initially mentioned, the process of ABC Company establishing itself in China, the UK, and the US market will not be an easy task.

Several challenges will be encountered on the way towards achieving its goals and objectives (Zhu, & Warner, 2004, 320). The purpose of this research will involve the identification of human resource challenges that this company will face in its prospective China market. Additionally, HRM challenges in the UK and the US market will be identified and compared with those challenges that may be encountered in the Chinese market (Vance et al, 2006, 61).

In the recent past, most countries have greatly facilitated the globalization of human resources and this research will greatly dwell in unearthing the challenges being faced while effort is being made to ensure success (Bowen et al, 2002, 118). Outline and structure There are several approaches that can be employed in the study and research of international human resource management. The most common approach is that one that takes into consideration the management of diverse culture and behavior within companies in a global viewpoint (Civil Service Branch, 1995).

The other approach will involve the proportional examination of the industrial and labor affairs with the sole aim of coming up with a concrete description, comparison, and analysis of various human resource management systems in the countries being studied. Since ABC Company has decided to invest in the global market, another approach will seek to focus on various aspects it will employ as it relates to human resource management (Whittaker, & Byosiere, 2006).   HRM challenges faced in China There are several reasons that may make a company operate globally and as indicated from the profile of ABC Company, the Australian market is full and thus calls for the search of new market opportunities.

Such opportunities may obviously be found outside the country because the customers in those countries may have a positive taste for the goods they intend to offer (Civil Service Branch, 1995). This is what has made the company try and invest in China, the US and the UK market. It is, however, important to note that the human resource challenges that will be faced by this company in the prospective countries will always vary and should never be assumed that they are the same This, therefore, means that the managers should adopt activities that will help the ABC to achieve its intentions of going global (Jackson, 2002, 148). After thorough research on the Chinese market, various challenges relating to human resource management were identified.

The possible challenges that the ABC Company could face as it establishes itself in China were seen to revolve around the cultural environment, political environment, deployment, among others The complexities involved in operating in business outside Australia for the ABC Company, will raise the issue of differentiation in the modalities encountered in the acquisition of various categories of employees.

The human resource managers will at all times be required to promote the cultivation of values, ethics, and beliefs in the management of workplace diversity (Mungenast, 2007, 6). Additionally, they should motivate the employees thus enhancing their chances of achieving their goals and objectives.


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